Selected Cannabis Light seeds with a THC content below 0.6% and a CBD above 15%. These cannabis strains are grown for the production of Inflorescences or for the extraction of CBD. They can be autoflowering or Photo dependent, The flowers are large and compact, each variety has its own well-defined terpene profile. Our strains have been part of the catalog of the best cannabis inflorescence producers in the world for years.

What are CBD Feminized Seeds?

Cannabis strains with a high CBD content are genetics selected not only for their phenotypes but also for the low amount of THC. In fact, to fall into this category, genetics must never exceed 0.5% of thc. On the other hand, the level of CBD that these cannabis plants can develop never drops below 10% with peaks of up to 18% for some varieties. These seeds are 100% feminized selected for the production of inflorescences. Thanks to the solidity of the genetic heritage derived from industrial hemp, these genetics are perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor cultivation.


Unlike the automatic varieties, photoperiod cannabis requires a change of light between the vegetative growth at the flowering stage, the advantages of this growth can be different, the most evident being the possibility of the grower to choose the growth period of the plant , prolonging or shortening the same as needed. In addition, we can keep the plant perennially in order to take cuttings if necessary.


Auto-flowering cannabis has the particularity of not following any light cycle to switch from vegetative growth to flowering. In fact, the growth cycle is concluded in a well-defined time, in this case the plant gives the best, how much more light it receives. We can safely start and end with a 20/4 light cycle. These varieties are particularly suitable for inexperienced growers.

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