Feminized Cannabis Seeds

It goes without saying that in this section we find our favorite seeds with a high THC content (never below 10%), as always we can choose the type of growth that best suits our needs between automatic and photo addicts. over 27 different cannabis strains selected from the most famous breeders in the world.

What are Feminized THC Seeds?

These seed varieties are selected for their high THC content which, depending on the variety, can vary between 13% and 28%. These genetics can be Autoflowering or Regular, we find totally Sativa or totally Indica strains as well as of course the Hybrids that contain the advantages of both cannabis species. The cultivation can be done indoors or outdoors, the varieties present in our catalog are really many and all different. By reading the description of each single plant we can discover the characteristics that best suit our cultivation needs. Cannabis cultivation is still illegal in many countries of the world, Grace Genetics urges you to respect the law in your country and not to grow cannabis seeds if this is prohibited.


Cannabis indica is characterized by a squat and bushy stature, small in size and with dark green leaves. Its growth tends to be much more branched than its cousin Sativa, taking on a cone-like appearance similar to that of a Christmas tree. Additionally, a pure indica strain tends to grow and mature at a much faster rate than a Sativa. In general, the Indica varieties have a flowering phase that does not exceed 6-8 weeks.


Defining precisely the properties of cannabis hybrids is rather difficult. Obviously, it will depend entirely on the genetics of the plants involved in the creation of the new hybrids and, even so, it will be difficult to determine exactly all the characteristics inherited from the cross obtained. In most hybrids, one of the progenitors will tend to show a dominant position. For example, if you cross an Indica variety with a Sativa and then re-cross with another Indica variety, the result will almost certainly have a genetics made up of more than 50% of Indica genes.


Cannabis sativa could be regarded by older stoners as “good old marijuana”. The genetics of pure Sativa have become a valuable resource for modern breeders, given their scarcity after the massive contamination of Indica from 1980 to today.The hybridization of Sativa with Indica genetics and, more recently, with Ruderalis has allowed create new hybrids of excellent quality and shorter flowering times. However, there is a risk of losing the 100% Sativa strains, which could soon become an endangered species.

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