Terpenes Cannabis

Our Cannabis Terpenes come from 100% natural extracts. By reconstituting the terpene profile of historic cannabis varieties, it is possible to replicate the fragrances of our favorite strains in a pure and precise way. Our terpene profiles are totally free of THC and any other contaminating substance; in fact, they come in specialized laboratories in a sterile and protected environment, each profile of the cannabis terpenes has less than 0.001% of impurities. Furthermore, each terpene profile of cannabis is reconstructed without using any diluting substance and is therefore 100% pure.

What are Cannabis Terpenes?

Among the many chemical compounds found in the marijuana plant, around 140 belong to this group of organic hydrocarbons known as "terpenes". Terpenes are easily evaporated volatile molecules that reach the nose and help us identify the type of vegetable we are dealing with here. In fact, terpenes are not found in marijuana plants exclusively, but are part of many other species in the plant kingdom. Most likely, these compounds responsible for the aroma of cannabis have played a decisive role in the selection of varieties and in the process of domestication of marijuana plants by humans, since the aroma is a factor taken into great consideration in the moment of breeding. .


The terpenescan be used according todifferent methods and dosages, preferably in purity: they are widely reflected if added to food and drinks, exactly as flavoring using 2 drops for food. Otherwise they can also be diluted in alcohol, olive or coconut oil, for example, in the proportion of 3 -5 drops per 100ml of liquid. Normally each drop contains about 50mg of terpene and since it is a pure concentrate, it needs to be handled with care to avoid irritation to the skin or mucous membranes.

Electronic cigarettes

They can also be diluted with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, the main components ofe-liquids for electronic cigarettes, mixing perfectly with these elements, simply through agitation and the presence of light heat. Most “reckless“, they exploit the terpenes, applying a modest quantity directly on thecannabis inflorescence that has lost its characteristic aroma over time, this to promote its effects, increasing its aroma, both through burningthat vaporization, the same that can also be carried out through the use and dilution of liquids for electronic cigarettes. The same concept obviously can also be applied to CBD crystals, as well as to cannabis-based oils.

Terpenes Cannabis Sold on our site are 100% concentrated

Using the terpenes incorrectly as well as being stupid can cause irritation to the throat and skin. We invite you to always dilute the concentrated terpenes with distilled water or glycerin according to the uses.The terpenes must never be used more than 4% of the total preparation.


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