Cannabis Sativa CBD products

Our CBD product section brings together everything that can come from the processing of Cannabis Sativa. Inflorescences, Hash, Charas and many other products strictly with THC level under the limits of the law in order to guarantee legal possession and use in most countries of the world. All products on our site have been analyzed by specialized laboratories both as regards cannabinoid levels and when it concerns the presence of heavy metals or pesticides.

Our cannabis inflorescences are personally selected by our team among our best farmers who manage to guarantee high quality professional cultivation methods.

If you’ve touched a cannabis bud sometimes, you know the plant is very sticky. That viscosity is cannabis resin, similar to the sap produced by trees. Unlike lymph, cannabis resin is contained in fatty structures called trichomes. In contrast, tree sap is filled with more sugar and is liquid in nature. Cannabis resin forms crystal-like structures that can be difficult to separate from the green plant material.The resin is produced from various parts of the plant, but is more concentrated on female non-pollinated cannabis flower buds. Female plants are grown and harvested for their resin, which is considered to be the most valuable part of the plant.

In this section we can find all the extracts derived from cannabis such as BHO, dye crystals etc. etc.

Products free of pesticides or heavy metals.

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