Cannabis Sativa inflorescences

CBD flowers of Cannabis Sativa with a Low THC content (below 0.2%), the products in the catalogue come directly from our selected growers are not for the processing of the product professionally but also for the cultivation method and geographical area. Each CBD inflorescence is perfectly dried in order to preserve all the terpenes and organoleptic properties in the most intact way possible.

What Are CBD Flowers?

Cannabis Sativa buds are what most consumers know as buds, the main product to smoke / vape. Our products are professionally grown by our growers, are totally free of contaminants or heavy metals.

Recreational use

Recreational CBD cannabis is gaining traction among regular inflorescence users. This type of cannabis without thc offers a feeling of relaxation without any psychotic effect. Great to face the day.

Medical use

The medical benefits of CBD are many, certainly this leaflet is not enough to tell them all. I therefore invite you to take a leap into our Blog to discover all the beneficial effects.

It is advisable to use cbd for medicinal purposes only after prescription from your doctor

The use of Cannabis Sativa Inflorescences (with THC levels below the legal limits) is legal in most countries of the world, in some it is possible to buy them as your own smoke product in others instead the possession is only for collection purposes. , our team does not encourage unlawful behavior and we encourage our buyers to inquire about the current legislation regarding cannabis products. Grace Genetics SL declines any responsibility for improper use of the products.

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