CBD extracts

Cannabis extracts have earned an excellent reputation among the most convinced smokers and vaporized fans around the world. The best cannabis concentrates come, without exception, from high-quality sticky flowers and leaves rich in trichomes. The vegetable raw material can be immediately converted into all types of resinous delights.

What Are Sativa CBD Cannabis Extracts?

Solvent-based extractions are certainly some of our favorites but they can be dangerous to make, and over time they can damage the lungs. Butane is the chemical of choice for making BHO and its derivatives such as budder, crumble, shatter and waxes. If you are not sure whether a concentrate is 100% clean, do not touch it.


Super sticky and solvent-free extract you can make at home is rosin. This cannabis concentrate is exuded from the resinous flowers using a special heat press developed exclusively for Rosin.It is best enjoyed with a dabber or a vaporizer, even if sticky cannons of rosin are increasingly seen turning. In the United States, frozen fresh flowers are also increasingly used to create “live rosin” and obtain maximum flavor. Rosin-infused pancakes tend to have little aroma and effect.


BHO is an amber brown jam. Depending on how much it is heated and purified, a series of different BHO derivatives can be made, similar flakes have pieces of yellow-orange glass called shatters, while the softer and more buttery consistencies are known as budder, or wax if they remember the Wax BHO, or butane hash oil, is probably the most popular concentrate in the world. This excerpt is the most incendiary of all, literally. Butane is highly flammable, and too many reckless amateurs blew themselves up during the extraction process.


CBD crystals are 99% pure crystalline CBD extracts. In our opinion, this is without exception the number one concentrate for medical cannabis patients. These crystals make it easy to dose non-psychoactive CBD in various ways. You can infuse foods with precision and without spoiling the flavor of your treats. You can create your tincture with hemp oil and discreetly dose it with a few sublingual drops. Or even add some to a rod. CBD crystals offer the medical cannabis community many different possibilities. Perhaps the only downside is that, at first glance, crystals seem like a heavy drug.

The use of Cannabis Sativa CBD Inflorescences (with THC levels below the limits of the law) is legal in most countries of the world, in some it is possible to buy them as your own smoke product in others instead the possession and only for the purpose collectors, our team does not encourage behavior contrary to the law and we invite our buyers to inquire about the current legislation regarding CBD products. Grace Genetics SL declines any responsibility from an improper use of the products.

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