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The industrial hemp seeds present in the list of cannabis sativa varieties certified by the European Union.

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Industrial hemp seeds are extremely famous all over the world. This fame is given by the importance in generating hemp plants very useful to man. In fact, hemp is a historic plant for Europe, grown in large quantities to produce fiber for centuries. After this plant has been subjected to the prohibition regime for tens and tens of years, it has been gaining more and more success since the resumption of hemp cultivation for some years. Thanks to this special plant, it is possible to obtain hemp fiber, extracted biomass, seeds, cbd inflorescences (which have great therapeutic properties due to the high CBD content). Also, through hemp seeds you can get a fantastic hemp oil, extremely nutritious and full of Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Since growing hemp has returned to being a totally legal job and entrepreneurial activity, crops all over the world have exceeded the very high numbers of when hemp was grown and boasted the primacy of industrialization process more largest in the world in past centuries. In particular, there are two different genetics of industrial hemp: Hemp Dioic and Monoica. Let’s find out together what is the difference between both and their main characteristics.


First of all, dioic hemp plants can be female or male, with a percentage of 50% in both cases. They have the ability to produce fiber, biomass and excellent and inimitable light marijuana buds; they have unique flavors and aromas. For the production of hemp fiber, male plants are highly recommended, providing stronger and more flexible fibers. Dioecious cannabis plants are the only original ones in nature.


The monoica hemp strains have a great reputation due to their abundant seed production. But this is not a reliable genetics if you intend to cultivate with the aim of producing light inflorescences; in fact, this variety of legal marijuana generates plants with both male and female flowers, basically hermaphrodite plants. In addition to producing seeds, it is also perfect for fiber, biomass and with its hemp seeds it is possible to obtain space Hemp Oil!

We highly recommend purchasing hemp seeds from reputable seeds banks, such as Grace Genetics. Within our site you will find numerous varieties of industrial hemp, both dioecious and monoecious. Like for example the Carmagnola, Eletta Campana, Fedora 17 and Futura 75. Excellent seed germination and fantastic plant growth and production are ensured with our hemp sativa genetics.

First of all, to grow hemp seeds, it will be necessary to wait for the right season and not to be in a hurry to avoid sowing them in too cold times of the year. After sowing it will be child’s play, in fact these plants only need water, light and nutrients to demonstrate their power and grow in an extreme way.

By purchasing seeds in our industrial cannabis sativa catalog, you can be sure to always find strains that are on the list of certified seeds from the European community.

In order to optimally cultivate legal industrial hemp, it will be necessary to purchase a variety from the list of European seeds legally cultivable in Europe. Subsequently, after the first seedlings are born we must be sure that they absorb all the nutrients they need using a stable soil, water with a measured pH and correct fertilization.

Certified sativa cannabis seeds are those indicated by the EU. They are present in our immense catalog and are intended to give birth and grow robust hemp plants intended for the production of inflorescences, seeds, fibers and for green building.

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