Why Build with Lime and Hemp: 3 Key Benefits

In this informative article we will go to view the construction with lime and hemp, more and more frequent over the years thanks to its countless advantages, both in environmental terms and in terms of the cost of the work, Grace Genetics takes you on a journey in which industrial hemp, obviously generated by hemp seeds, is used in another different way that is increasingly useful to the whole society, as well as to our planet thanks to its unique sustainability!

Building with lime and hemp bricks

History of hemp in construction

First of all, we would like to clarify that the use of the industrial hemp in construction it dates back to 1980 for the first time carried out in France with the aim of replacing a too heavy material such as concrete, from that moment on hemp has been the most used by those who have a good eye on sustainability. While, in Italy and in other European countries this brand new practice of green building with lime and hemp began to spread in the early 90s, some historians instead believe that already 1500 years ago it was very well known and used thanks to its characteristics and its truly properties. unique.

This is how hemp and lime bricks are made

The hemp and lime bricks, they are a biocomposed material that can be used with regards to the construction of massive masonry, they are made in a very simple way, the mixture of hemp fiber combined with a lime-based binder and the addition of water will produce a 100% bio material called precisely lime hemp, obviously the material must be hardened before being used, so we will be forced to wait. It is an extremely economical, resistant, breathable and super light material, as well as acting as a thermal insulator.

All the advantages of why to build with hemp and lime

This is a good question, building with lime and hemp has numerous fundamental advantages that should not be overlooked, both on an environmental and economic level but not only, here are all the advantages of building with hemp and lime:

  • Environmental impact: it is well known that hemp lime guarantees a very low environmental impact as well as significantly reducing CO2 emissions, in fact carbon emissions will never pass into a building built with hemp lime;
  • Thermal insulation: lime hemp also guarantees excellent thermal insulation, as well as being able to regulate the internal humidity levels and better manage the temperature changes present outside;
  • Low cost production: the process regarding the production of hemp lime is extremely simple as well as being very economical, this will guarantee us to be able to build buildings of the best quality and sustainability at a significantly reduced price.
Lime hemp bio-bricks for building construction

How much does the lime and hemp biomattone cost per square meter?

First of all, as we understand we are talking about a material of higher quality than the rest of construction, the cost of a lime and hemp biomatton per square meter is a few tens of euros higher than a very normal other material used in construction. Rather, with very little extra expense we will build a building that is more resistant, lighter, better to live in and environmentally sustainable.

How much do hemp and lime bricks cost?

Hemp and lime bricks are a completely organic and ecological product with a low environmental impact. The prices to buy hemp and lime bricks are very cheap, you can buy one lime brick and hemp online at the modest price of lime brick and hemp about ten euros, obviously you will have to take into account the desired quantity in order to fully evaluate the convenience of lime and hemp bricks to build a building, what is certain is that they will be much better than other materials used in construction.

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