What is an Herb Grinder and how is it used? The Best Herb Grinder of 2022

The grinder is an accessory increasingly purchased by cannabis smokers, in addition to collectors, it is in fact a device of fundamental importance for consumers and can also have collecting purposes, in fact nowadays there are herb grinders in steel, plastic , in 3D and in increasingly extravagant shapes and sizes thus attracting the attention of those interested in the marijuana sector.

High quality weed grinder made of iron

What is the herb grinder?

As already mentioned, a grinder is an accessory used to chop the marijuana buds, which often being very resinous and compact are very difficult to break with your fingers to make a joint. Furthermore, it is important to specify that with a grinder you will not make the slightest effort to grind the grass in a better way, therefore if you consume high quality cannabis (such as the marijuana variety Cannatonic CBD) with a high presence of resin we strongly recommend the purchase and use of a grinder so as to chop the marijuana buds in the best way!

How do you use a cannabis grinder?

Using a weed grinder is really very simple, just open it and insert the marijuana buds inside it, then close it again and start “turning” the upper part so that the cannabis buds will grind and then be smoked inside of a fantastic joint.

Grinder Amsterdam for marijuana

Here are the best herb grinders on the market

Nowadays there are numerous grinders for chopping cannabis, there are really millions upon millions on the market, but not all of them are of good quality, in fact, even if each of us always intends to focus on the cheapest accessories to save money, it is also true that most of these can easily wear out or break even after 1-2 uses. Therefore we believe that it is always better to purchase a top quality herb grinder so that you have it available for years. We at Grace Genetics recommend the purchase and use of the best herb grinder, we are talking about the very famous Marley Natural Grinder.

Best Herb Grinder: Quality, Elegance and Efficiency for every smoker

Marley natural marijuana grinder

The Best Herb Grinder is from Marley Natural, a company created by the family members of the well-known singer-songwriter Bob Marley, it is the most elegant and most efficient grinder on the world market. The first quality of this grinder can already be seen from the outside, in fact it is created with black walnut wood and aluminum, two extremely resistant materials. Also formed by a layer that stores the excess resin and then uses it in greater quantities to create hashish or extracts. The Marley Natural Grinder is what we recommend to anyone to consume marijuana with a lot of elegance, sophistication but also a great quality that will last for many years to come.

How to clean the grinder?

When buying a top quality product it is always important to take particular care of it, cleaning the herb grinder is essential as it is the accessory that will be in direct contact with the cannabis that we are then going to smoke, therefore it will be necessary to avoid dust or any other type of external agent. There are numerous techniques for cleaning the grinder, we at Grace Genetics recommend immersing it for about 5-10 minutes in water, salt and isopropyl alcohol, or the classic cleaning with a toothbrush.


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