What do you get from Indian Hemp?

Indian hemp has been cultivated by humanity for entire millennia and mainly used as a drug, but it is not the only main use of this magical plant. Keep reading this informative article to learn all about the history of marijuana.

Indian hemp plant inflorescences

What is Indian hemp?

Indian hemp is the classic variety of sativa cannabis which in some cases can be grown legally in most European countries, thanks to a specific law which regulates the cultivation of certified sativa cannabis varieties in almost all countries of the European Union. It is known that Indian hemp has been cultivated for several millennia by entire populations for numerous uses. In Europe, the historical countries that most cultivated cannabis sativa were Italy, France and Spain.

What is obtained from Indian hemp: here are the main uses

The uses of Indian hemp are various, mainly it is cultivated with the aim of producing marijuana inflorescences which will then be smoked, in addition to this it can be cultivated for the production of hemp fiber and for the production and marketing of hemp clothing and accessories. Hemp is a super ecological material, it is also known that growing hemp helps to absorb tons of CO2, therefore very useful in combating climate change (a very heated topic in recent years).

Male Indian hemp plant with pollen sacs for hemp fiber production

The prohibition of hemp

Despite these various benefits listed, unfortunately right in the middle of the cultivation of hemp in Europe, with all the advantages it was bringing to the economy and to the world, in 1937 in America there was a strong prohibitionist policy which led to a ban on the cultivation of hemp Indian also for medical use. After this campaign against marijuana, all the other states in the world have followed the American thought by ruining a large economy and bringing the world to today with an exorbitant amount of CO2 (which would hardly have happened thanks to Indian hemp).

Uses of Indian hemp:

Inflorescence production

Certified industrial hemp plant

The production of cannabis buds is one of the main objectives of the cultivation of Indian hemp, with flowers extremely rich in resin and very compact, they are used as a drug by many people around the world thanks to their psychoactive effects on the body and mind, it is also possible to use them as a medicine as it is scientifically proven that it guarantees numerous benefits on human health.

Hashish or extracts

Thanks to the production of marijuana inflorescences it is possible to extract the resin from the buds using special techniques, to then transform the resin full of THC into hashish or create special cannabis extracts.

Hemp fiber

Hemp fiber is also one of the main reasons why the cultivation of Indian hemp is so important, it is possible to obtain hemp fiber from male cannabis sativa plants being much more resistant and flexible, thus obtaining top quality fiber !

Food industry

Indian hemp is also very useful in the food sector, as its seeds are rich in vitamins and it is also the most nutritious seed in the world, perfect for the diet of us humans as well as that of our animal friends.

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