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The best pots for growing cannabis and their ideal size


Choosing the pots in which for growing your cannabis plants is not easy, especially for those who are new to this sector. The various types of pots and their size will heavily affect the health of our plants and the final yield, both positively and negatively. So this choice is very important. Read this article to have no more doubts and to perfectly choose the type of pot to use for your marijuana plants.

Standard Growing Pots

These standard pots are common pots which can be found anywhere and their price is very economical. These pots are currently made of plastic, but classic models made of clay can also be found very easily. Along with these standard grow pots, you would also need to purchase the matching saucer, which is used to collect excess water under the pot. Regarding these types of pots, it is of fundamental importance that they have drainage holes in the bottom to prevent water from stagnating.

Not all pots have these holes, and sometimes you will need to make them yourself before using pots to grow plants. Clay pots are heavier than plastic pots, but they can also be a good choice. The pots made of terracotta have the natural characteristics of absorbing and retaining excess water, which can provide a cooling effect, useful for the roots of plants in the hot summer.

standard pots for indoor or outdoor cannabis cultivation

Smart Pot

The special and fundamental feature of the fabric pot is to prevent the roots of the cannabis seedlings from tangling with each other. In addition, another significant advantage of these pots is the recirculation of air between the roots, which makes the plants more powerful by recirculating the air in their main parts. Irrigation will not exceed the amount of water, and will not cause stress or even death to the cannabis plant. In fact, the excess water will not remain in the pot and cause the root to rot, but if it is a cloth pot, the excess water will come out immediately.

Hempy Bucket

The difference of Hempy Buckets from normal pots for growing cannabis is that the drainage holes are not located at the bottom, but a few centimeters above the holes, which allows a small amount of nutrients to be retained at the bottom of the pot. Compared to growing on the ground, the Hempy Bucket must be filled with a mixture of perlite or clay. Nutrient reserves at the bottom of the bucket can reduce irrigation times. Since the Hempy Bucket is a manual and passive hydroponic growing method without an oxygen pump, you need to make sure that the nutrients in the flowerpot do not stagnate, as this could cause problems for the plants.

Air pots to grow marijuana safely

Air Pot (Antispiralling)

The Air Pot pots have the characteristic of using the same principle as the fabric pots. In particular, these are plastic containers with openings on the sides that can independently cut the roots of plants. As with smart pots, watering more frequently is required because these pots dry out the soil faster than traditional pots. Compared to tissue pots, antispiralization pots have the advantage of being more resistant and not tipping. The antispiral air pots allow water to escape from the side openings, thus allowing the roots to breathe much more and avoid overdoing the water. Air pots therefore also save us from possible root rot.

The Perfect Measurements of Cannabis Pots

Providing ideal sized pots for cannabis seedlings is key to ensuring perfect growth and optimizing the final yield. In fact, cannabis seedlings are known to form very dense long roots and small potted plants can severely limit the growth of cannabis. Therefore, due to the restriction on the roots (due to too small a pot), it will eventually cause a lot of nutrient deficiencies; and exerting unnecessary pressure on the root system will greatly reduce the yield of the plant.

Pot sizes for growing cannabis

The perfect size of pots for growing cannabis primarily depends on the cannabis strain you choose to grow. For photoperiod genetics, it is recommended to use very large pots, usually, in good environmental conditions, their growth is much larger than autoflowering varieties. Therefore, for indoor photoperiod cannabis plants, we recommend starting with a small 10 cm pot, then switching to an 11 liter pot, and finally moving to a 20 liter pot; this approach will be different outdoors, outdoors, light The cycle will increase dramatically, even more. A flowerpot larger than 20 liters is absolutely necessary.

For autoflowering cannabis strains that generally stay much smaller than photoperiod strains, 11 to 16 liter pots are recommended. A fundamental aspect of autoflowering cannabis is that the decision to plant it in pots is very dangerous, because usually after the plant is potted in photoperiod, the vegetative period is extended by a week to allow it to recover from stress. For automatic flowers, even if there isn’t the privilege of deciding when to bloom, they will get smaller.

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