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The History of Autoflowering Cannabis

I autoflowering cannabis seeds they are quite new on the world market, and since the short time that we know of them they have managed to conquer all the growers of world level thanks to them unique and unimaginable characteristics! Autoflowering marijuana comes from C first discovered by a Russian botanist in 1924. Continue reading this informative article to find out all the history of autoflowering cannabis!

Indoor ruderalis plant

La cannabis is a strain that is part of man's daily life since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Marijuana is used in completely different fields, such as by building, thetextile industry, recreational consumption or l ' use for therapeutic purposes, it is a universe that is always constantly updated. If we decide to examine the details of characteristics of cannabis, necessarily means also listing i marijuana seeds.

As you probably already know, there are several cannabis seed genetics. Among these we can mention autoflowering cannabis. The peculiarity of the latter is that they are not photoperiodic, so there is no need to adjust thelighting to cope with flowering. Furthermore, they flower quickly and allow you to admire small plants, which is a great advantage for those with limited space in the house or on the balcony.

At this point, you may be wondering what the story is behind these revolutionary cannabis seeds, one of the most popular suits for beginners and beyond. All you have to do is keep finding the answer to this question in the next few lines.

Autoflowering cannabis plant history of autoflowering cannabis

What are Autoflowering Cannabis Plants?

The strains of self-flowering marijuana they are plants generated by autoflowering cannabis seeds with the aim of ensuring a cvegetative growth and a flowering extremely fast; in particular, these particular automatic specimens guarantee a life cycle about 2 months e super abundant yields. Growing autoflowering marijuana plants is extremely simple, you won't even need to change the plants hours of light of the grow light to trigger the flowering stageto: after about three weeks, the autoflowering strain will start to flourish on its own! Obviously, to successfully grow autoflowers indoors we will need a very good one equipment, such as grow boxes, led lamps, fertilizers, etc. Therefore, we will find equipment for growing indoors exclusively in one Grow Shop top notch!

Cannabis plants varieties of autoflowering marijuana ruderalis

What is the Real Story of Autoflowering Cannabis?

The origins of autoflowering cannabis they are quite mysterious, but many points nowadays we already know them! First, the C (genetics from which autoflowering cannabis derives) was discovered in Russia in 1924. That year thanks to that fantastic discovery can be defined as a pivotal year is preferably used for history of the whole cannabis world! THE'hybridization of the strains of ruderalis variety only began in years 70 / 80 thanks to the experiment of a famous British breeder: The Joint Doctor!

The Joint Doctor's Cannabis Ruderalis Experiment

The Joint Doctor, in those days had the intention to create a new species that he owns two key features: extremely rapid life cycle and a 'abundant production. Well yes, he succeeded in the best way! This variety was called Mexican Rudy and all the world was incredulous by rapidity of flowering.

Subsequently, i autoflowering cannabis seeds they started to become very famous around the world around the anni 2000. From then on the history of cannabis general has totally changed, i autoflowering strains today they represent a key point for the love and passion that envelop each of us towards the cannabis!

History of autoflowering cannabis indoor marijuana top

What are the Benefits of Growing Autoflowering Strains?

Most of all marijuana growers in the world choose without a doubt the autoflowering genetics thanks to diverse features that distinguish them, including:

  • These are plants that hide best from prying eyes, being derived from a ruderalis genetics they tend to be smaller but floods di cannabis flowers;
  • It won't be necessary change the hours of light per stimulate floweringjust keep 18-20h of light a day for all their life cycle;
  • Le automatic flowering genetics they own a life cycle extremely short of 8 9-weeks in general. So it will be possible collect numerous times during the year;
  • Being that they own a very short life cycle, also in the outdoor cannabis crops can make more crops during the year;
  • I am extremely fresh ai colder climates and guarantee exceptional yields with the minimum maintenance.

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