Indoor cannabis flowering

How to accelerate cannabis flowering

Cannabis plants require great attention, both for the vegetative growth phase and for the cannabis flowering period, in particular, more attention will be needed if we grow outdoors, in fact outside we should fight between parasites and intense heat that will try to kill the plants. our marijuana plants. It is well known that the life cycle of photoperiod plants is far slower and more exhaustive than autoflowering plants, so many growers use certain safe and practical techniques to accelerate the flowering of cannabis:

  • Genetic selection: If you have opted for photoperiod cannabis seeds, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the data sheet of certain strains, and inquire about flowering times in advance rather than buying the seeds without any basic information;
  • Forcing indoor and outdoor cannabis flowering: as for indoor cultivation, forcing flowering will be much easier as it will only be necessary to reduce the hours of light per day (11-12) when the plant is robust enough to be sent into flowering, while if we grow outdoors the technique will be the itself, if you are wondering if you can control the sun, the answer is obviously no, but you can build a wooden frame so that you can put the plants underneath and not even receive a glimmer of light;
  • More hours of light during the vegetative phase: It is possible to accelerate the flowering of cannabis even during the vegetative phase, it will be very simple, it will only be necessary to significantly increase the hours of light and use a grow lamp very, very powerful, by doing so it will grow faster and much more robust than normal.

How to promote the growth and flowering of cannabis

Marijuana cultivation involves 3 main phases during the life cycle of plants, namely the germination, vegetative and flowering phase. As for the germination of cannabis seeds, it cannot be accelerated as everything will depend exclusively on the seed itself. While, there are two main methods to promote the growth and flowering of cannabis, we favor the use of clones or cuttings. Growing cannabis clones will guarantee us a great advantage in terms of the timing of the life cycle, as the germination phase and the first weeks of vegetative growth from seedlings will have already been done!

While, another valid method is to grow in hydroponic systems, in fact in a hydroponic system without substrate the roots of the cannabis plants will be immersed directly in water with fertilizers, so it will be much easier to absorb all the nutrients faster, the hydroponic systems guarantee a rapidity of the life cycle of truly incredible marijuana plants.

Marijuana plant in the flowering phase

How to fertilize during cannabis flowering

The role of fertilizers during the cultivation of cannabis is extremely important, in fact without the right nutrients plants will never be able to grow and flower at their best, but they will always be limited and will produce the bare minimum if they manage to survive. In particular, photoperiod plants suffer from nutritional deficiencies much more than autoflowering plants, which only need a small nutritional supply.

Fertilize during cannabis flowering it is a very delicate task and you have to pay close attention, it is known that in cannabis flowering plants will mainly need phosphorus and potassium, if we give too much nitrogen during the flowering period the flowers will slow down their growth, you will get lower and less compact yields. Therefore, our advice is to follow the nutritional tables of the fertilizers used, but always in smaller quantities, and leave out the nitrogen during the flowering period.

How to know when the herb is ready?

A question that all growers at least once in their life have asked themselves is how to understand when the weed is ready, the answer may seem very difficult but it is not at all, however, it is an extremely important job as wrong the collection times it can ruin the whole cultivation that lasted whole months. It will not be enough to see large, compact, resin-soaked buds of marijuana to take the initiative to harvest, in fact that will not be the right signal; each cannabis genetics have different flowering times, generally indica strains will harvest sooner than cannabis sativa.

To learn to understand when the grass is ready we will first have to look at the color of the pistils, when most of them (we recommend 70%) turn reddish will be the first sign to be able to harvest. Trichomes also play a fundamental role in the collection of cannabis, in fact the herb is ready when the resin produced obviously by the cannabis trichomes reaches a milky white color, observing the trichomes and the resin will be fundamental.

Autoflowering early flowering

Autoflowering early flowering indoors and outdoors

After a various number of weeks (naturally depends on the genetics chosen), there will be the autoflowering start in a totally automatic way, generally after about 3-4 weeks of vegetative growth.

Low light autoflowering for an excellent harvest!

It is well known that the autoflowering plants have an extremely shorter life cycle than photoperiod cannabis strains, the autoflowering early flowering in an indoor or outdoor grow will be identical as it will not depend on the hours of light the strain receives, but for autoflowering, little light will be enough to give the best of them.

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