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The 6 Best Cannabis Strains in the World…

Purple punch go sweet seeds cannabis strain

Purple Punch OG by Sweet Seeds

Purple Punch Og is a variety of cannabis (feminized seeds to guarantee 99% of female plants) of great worldwide fame, it is a US genetics predominantly indica with very high percentages of THC. In addition to guaranteeing an excellent production of marijuana buds both indoors and outdoors, Purple Punch og guarantees us an extremely relaxing effect with delicious flavors of fruit, citrus, spicy and sweet notes, especially with fantastic lemon nuances.

sweet seeds is one of the most loved and appreciated cannabis seed banks in all of Spain, its history comes from their first photoperiod varieties in the 2005, or Sweet tai, SAD S1 and Black Jack, since then Sweet seeds has never stopped renewing their truly unique varieties. The founders are Carlos and Manolo in 2005 with these varieties they marked the history, given that feminized seeds were not seen very well since the first Dutch feminized genetics failed and many were born hermaphrodites.

In 2007 sweet seeds won the prize for "best seed bank" at the expocannabis, in the following years other marijuana genetics were also created, in particular the F1 fast Version (photoperiodic plants with accelerated flowering), which marked the history of the cannabis world .

Girl Scout cookies cannabis strain by Sensi Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies by Sensi Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies is a variety of autoflowering cannabis seeds, obviously these are feminized seeds to obtain all the female plants from our crop, it has numerous electrifying characteristics, such as very high indoor production up to 700 g / m2, indoor cultivation is also very affordable with yields up to 300 g/plant, not only what Girl Scout Cookies can boast cannabinoid levels extremely high, especially with peaks of THC which very easily exceed percentages of 22%.

Sensi Seeds is the largest cannabis seed bank in the world and also the largest producer of them, these marijuana seeds are of undisputed quality, with more than 500 cannabis genetics available. Sensi Seeds was born in 1985 in Amsterdam by Ben Dronkers. The Dutch government has even decided to choose Sensi Seeds seeds for the production of medical marijuana which is distributed in pharmacies in the Netherlands.

LSD Barney's Farm marijuana genetics

Barney's Farm LSD

LSD is an automatic flowering marijuana variety of great international fame, this fame comes mainly from strong psychedelic effects that cause LSD cannabis inflorescences, the levels of tetrahydrocannabinol are very high, which can very easily reach even 21% of thc. Indoor cultivation is the most recommended for this 70% indica-dominant strain of cannabis, in fact indoors, even 650 g/m2 will be obtained very simply, with sun 9 10-weeks of waiting from germination to harvest

barneys farm is a cannabis seed bank born in Amsterdam in 1992 thanks to Derry, a professional Breeder who crossed cannabis strains from the Middle East, and once back in Holland he took over Barney's Farm coffee shop, where he attracted the attention of cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world thanks to his splendid creations.

Big bud auto fast buds

Big Bud Fast Buds car

Big Bud auto is an indica dominant autoflowering cannabis seed genetics that produces XXL yields of compact and resinous marijuana buds, it remains hidden from prying eyes thanks to its medium-low height up to 130 cm outdoors, ready in 8-10 weeks from sowing to harvesting it is confirmed as one of the fastest cannabis varieties in the world with levels of THC Extremely high at 22% and indoor yields of 500 g/m2, her effects are extremely potent and will surprise even the most experienced marijuana users.

Fast buds is a very famous cannabis seed company and bank all over the globe, but at the origins there were only two guys who 12 years ago when the world discovered the first autoflowering varieties they decided to experiment with numerous genetics in their own garage, they believed in autoflowering cannabis and today it is also thanks to them that it is one of the most cultivated varieties ever.

Amsterdam Amnesia Dutch Passion marijuana

Amsterdam Amnesia by Dutch Passion

Amsterdam Amnesia is a variety of photoperiodic cannabis very famous all over the world thanks to its particular characteristics including the very high yield of XXL size cannabis buds, its aromas and flavors are also exceptional with notes of citrus and spices. This strain of marijuana has won the cannabis cup and received numerous international cannabis world awards, i levels of THC they can easily exceed 24% thus guaranteeing very strong psychoactive effects for the body and mind.

Dutch Passion was founded in 1980 in Amsterdam by Henk van Dalen, who has been a cannabis enthusiast and grower for about ten years, to date it is one of the best known and most appreciated marijuana seed banks globally, Dutch Passion has grown over the years to become one of major producers of cannabis seeds all over the world, where it guarantees a great quality and freshness of the seeds.

White widow auto cbd Barney's Farm

White Widow Auto CBD by Dinafem Seeds

White widow auto cbd is a legal cannabis genetics a low active ingredient content (THC) which guarantees us to legally grow marijuana thanks to the high levels of cbd present in it, which often exceed 10% and the percentages of thc almost nil, i.e. less than 0.1%. Yields are excellent both indoors and outdoors with an overall production of 400g/m2 easily achievable, White widow auto cbd light cannabis buds possess high compactness and resin, which makes them a guarantee for those who want to smoke only high quality strains.

Dinafem seeds has more than 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry and they manage to satisfy any need from every grower, all of this of course thanks to the research and hard work they put into it every day at Dinafem Seeds. It is one of the largest cannabis seed banks in Spain with hundreds of marijuana strains available between THC and CBD, the freshness and quality of the seeds are absolutely guaranteed.

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