Super Skunk: Information, History and Effects of this Cannabis Strain

Super Skunk is one of the most widely grown marijuana genetics in the world, as well as being one of the top strains bought in Dutch coffee shops. Its ease of cultivation allows all growers, even beginners, to obtain excellent indoor and outdoor yields.

Super skunk genetics of marijuana

Super Skunk history

Super Skunk was born in 1980 thanks to the hybridization of various strains originating from Latin America and Asia, more precisely they are Colombian, Mexican and Afghan strains; already from here it can be induced that it is a top quality genetics, and with very powerful psychoactive effects.

Winner of the first edition of the Cannabis Cup, this strain has managed to conquer many world-class growers, so much so that it is today one of the most cultivated cannabis varieties in the entire globe.

How To Grow Super Skunk Autoflowering?

Even the Autoflowering version manages to give great satisfaction, both to the grower and the consumer, in fact it is characterized by a short life cycle of about 2 and a half months, where it will produce huge quantities of marijuana buds. Super Skunk Autoflowering is indica-dominant, although it does have notes of sativa.

To maximize the final yield, we at Grace Genetics recommend the use of special high quality LED lamps in an indoor cultivation, in this way we will be sure of obtaining compact and resinous marijuana buds.

How to grow super skunk is a question that many growers ask themselves, the answer is simple: growing this variety is extremely simple, thanks also to the plant genetics that can withstand high temperatures without major problems, the plants of this marijuana genetics are characterized by strong sturdiness and resistance.

Super skunk autoflowering cannabis buds indoors

How Much Does a Super Skunk Plant Produce?

Characterized by large indoor production, this marijuana genetics can satisfy any grower, in particular there will be guaranteed yields of 600 g / m2 in indoor crops, while outdoors a photoperiod super skunk plant guarantees us yields of almost 1 kg, really. amazing this variety!

Even the super skunk autoflowering satisfies us growers, with yields of 400/600 g both indoors and outdoors, with extremely resinous and compact buds.

Super Skunk Effects

The effects of the Skunk they are very strong due to the very high concentration of THC present, which can easily reach percentages higher than 22%; for this reason we recommend this powerful marijuana variety to everyone for the magical experience that you can try, consuming super skunk in fact will seem like taking LSD, with guaranteed psychedelic effects.

Super skunk effects are considered to be hopeless, as natural perceptions and sensations will be altered, with euphoria and strong relaxation effects for the consumer.

Instead, as far as Super Skunk CBDV strains are concerned, ie with a high concentration of cannabidivarin and with percentages of THC below the legal limit set by law, the effects in this case are very different: you will not have any mental “high”, but only the strong perceptions of relaxation and natural well-being which will help us to have Cannabidivarin (cannabinoid from cannabis light).

Super skunk effects of the most purchased cannabis strain in coffee shops

Super Skunk Coffee Shop: The most famous strain!

The Skunk variety has also achieved great success in Dutch coffee shops, as well as in Spanish cannabis associations, for this reason it is one of the most cultivated in the world.

This cannabis strain has such potent and long-lasting effects that it will keep the consumer high for hours. The price of skunk per gram in Dutch coffee shops is around 15 euros, a fair price for the great quality of this international genetics. So we recommend this genetics to everyone, especially to tourists in Holland, you will experience a new mystical experience certainly very different from other marijuana varieties.


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