Sensi Seed Bank – Cannabis

Sensi Seed Bank – Cannabis


  • What is Sensi Seed?
  • Purple Bud FEM
  • Northern Lights AUTO
  • White Diesel FEM
Pianta di cannabis sensi seed bank

Who is Sensi Seed?

Sensi Seed is a world-famous and well known seeds bank. Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds can be found in several Regulars, Autoflowering, Feminized strains. Sensi seeds have been on the market for more than a decade now, with merit considered one of the best cannabis seed banks in the world below you can find some milestones produced by Sensi Seeds.

Purple bud femminizzata della seeds bank sensi seed thc

Purple Bud FEM

A feminized Afghan with high potency and high flexibility, with a small percentage of Sativa and a purplish tendency. Purple Bud is easy to grow indoors, even for beginners, while outdoors it blooms in spring / summer and in a temperate climate. Purple Bud is bred from some of the most important cannabis gene pools in the world. Its relatives and ancestors go back to the legendary Indica growers of the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan, to the medical marijuana crops of California and of course, to the heart of European crops, Holland.

Northern Lights AUTO

Pianta di marijuana Northern lights auto

This incredible Indica offers the best of both worlds – the legendary genetic heritage of the original Northern Lights combined with the latest benefits of autoflowering feminized cannabis strains. The wonderful result is a potent, reliable, pungent feminized plant that can quickly coat its compact structure with richly crystal-covered buds.

Ceppo di ganja White diesel feminizzata

White Diesel FEM

The name ‘diesel’ recalls images of power, endurance and safety. The cannabis line to which this title belongs gives, to ganja connoisseurs; all these attributes and in addition an aroma and flavor of lemon and grapefruit; packed into a delicious and potent hybrid that’s easy to grow and even easier to smoke!
White Diesel is based on the only hybrid that was initially identified as NYC, and Diesel is still considered one of the ‘top quality’ breeds around.

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