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Producing Cannabis Seeds: The Foolproof Methods


In this detailed article we will explain all the steps necessary to produce marijuana seeds for your cultivation or sale. In fact, in addition to growing them you can also feed yourself a nice profit with cannabis seeds, which given their popularity are some of the best-selling and in-demand seeds on the market. From regular to feminized seeds, from photoperiodic to autoflowering, from high THC to CBD strains legally grown in any state.

Weed plant in full bloom

The Mother Plant

The first step is to find a female plant of excellent quality, which will be the mother of the seeds we are going to produce. This plant must necessarily have many qualities, since it will in turn positively or negatively influence the future quality of the seeds. The more the plant has more terpenes, the more flavors, aromas and resin the better it will be for us. The basic basic characteristics that a mother plant must have are:

  • Force
  • Resistance to hermaphroditism
  • Flavors
  • Excellent flowering speed
  • High amount of resin
  • Height
  • Smell
Male marijuana father plant producing cannabis seeds

What characteristics must the father have?

After choosing the female, you will naturally need a male plant: the father. The father plant has the main characteristic of producing pollen, and in this case donating it in order to fertilize the flowers of the mother plant. To give birth to a male, one must necessarily grow regular cannabis seeds, and hope for a 50% chance that a male plant will be born. The main fundamental characteristics that the father must have are:

  • Force
  • Height
  • Resistance to hemaphrodism
  • Fast ripening period

Producing Cannabis Seeds

Never put a male plant next to female plants, unless you want to produce thousands of seeds, you would be doing a very risky action! It is possible to pollinate one or more single buds with the aim of obtaining tens or hundreds of seeds.

A very difficult thing is also finding the right time for pollination. In general, male plants bloom earlier than females.

The ideal solution would be to eliminate the flowers of the male plant until the flowers of the mother plant have not been in bloom for at least a month. Another solution would consist in isolating the male, such as isolating it in a box with obviously minimal ventilation since with too much air the pollen would dissipate throughout the box / room.

When the mother plant reaches the month of flowering we will be able to let the male’s flowers ripen well without eliminating them, they will open and fatten, expelling the pollen. Under an open ripe flower, we put a bottle and hit on the flower to let the pollen out to get it into the bottle down there. It is preferable to use it at the moment, but if you want, you can very well keep it in the fridge for up to 4 days.

Male plant to produce photoperiod regular cannabis seeds
Male Cannabis Plant

Next, we will choose the best buds of the female plant, which will be the buds to pollinate. We can cover the rest of the plant with plastic bags to prevent the pollen from “leaking”. Pollination is done by carefully dipping a brush into the bottle with the pollen and then running it through the flower buds. We have to wait about three hours, then we wash with a jet of nebulized water to remove the pollen residues in the buds.

If the white hairs on the buds begin to wilt and dry out after a few days, we will know that the pollination was successful. The calyxes will swell and form seeds inside. The seeds will generally be ripe and ready to harvest after about a month and a half.

Regular photoperiod cannabis

Regular cannabis is photoperiod and produces both male and female plants, in the order of 50% / 50%. Years ago, cannabis was grown only using regular seeds, given the non-existence of feminized seeds, which were created thanks to different hybridization processes.

The difference between male and female plants is that female plants produce flowers, while male plants only pollen sacks.

Photoperiod feminized cannabis

Photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds production

Feminized seeds come from a cross between two female plants, one of which is stressed and then starts producing pollen sacs, which will fertilize the other female. When the feminized seed grows, the offspring will only come from female plants. Feminized seeds have the characteristic of producing only 100% female plants, this is a fact of extreme importance, in fact, most of the growers who cultivate to harvest buds now only use feminized and non-regular seeds. But let’s not forget that regular seeds are essential in order to produce new varieties.

Autoflowering Cannabis

The main and most important feature of autoflowering plants is that there is no need to reduce the hours of light to make them go into bloom.

Autos start flowering automatically after 2-4 weeks. Autoflowering genetics only need time to produce buds.

๐ŸŒฟThe Grace Genetics  Team ๐ŸŒฟ

๐ŸŒฟThe Grace Genetics Team ๐ŸŒฟ

Cannabis in addition to being our job is also our passion, which is why we always strive to offer our readers quality articles that are always up to date on the latest news from the cannabis world.

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