List of varieties of Cannabis Sativa Certified in Europe

Legally Growing Cannabis in Europe and Around the World.

As for the certified hemp sativa, every single one European state has its own reference legislation regarding the cultivation of legal hemp that in addition to Europe, the cultivation of light marijuana with a low THC content is allowed in many other countries of the world such as the USA, Turkey, China, Iran, India, Pakistan. Just to name a few, hemp cultivation has been strongly encouraged by the ONU since 2019.

Industrial certified sativa hemp variety with European certificate

Grow legally certified Cannabis sativa in Italy.

The cultivation of certified hemp sativa in Italy is regulated by law 242/16 which establishes the free cultivation of Hemp, exempting the grower from any criminal liability in case the crop exceeds the THC concentration level permitted by law. All this provided that you only use seeds of certified varieties, that is, included in a list of genetics controlled at the government level. In the event that a genetics exceeds the permitted levels by more than 3 times, it is eliminated from this list and the cultivation must be considered at the risk of the grower.

Legal Hemp Variety

The best certified sativa hemp varieties present in the European List are divided into two dioecious and monoecious categories. All varieties of industrial hemp present in the List of hemp Sativa Certificate issued by the European Community and shared with small variations by all countries. They can also be used for textile use, fiber production. Being plants devoid of any concentration of thc, their flowers do not release psychoactive effects. In fact, the psychoactive effects only attack the consumer if he smokes cannabis strains with high thc.

Dioics generate male and female cannabis plants. In fact, after flowering the male plants die quickly, while the female plants continue the cycle and ripen the seeds. Their ideal growing mode is outdoors.

The second varieties are said to be monoecious because in cultivation almost all cannabis sativa plants develop both sexes, therefore they carry male and female flowers on the same plant typically used for production from food seeds. Their ideal growing mode is outdoors, but they can also be planted indoors.

Not complete list of some Sativa cannabis genetics for industrial use, we can find the updated list here.

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