List of S. Certified Cannabis varieties for cultivation in Italy

Grow Hemp legally in Italy

The cultivation of industrial hemp in Italy is regulated by the  Law n. 242 of 2 December 2016, which allows the cultivation for industrial purposes of varieties of Cannabis Sativa L with a THC content below 0.6% and only genetics included in a specific list by the European community. This list is updated every year with the addition of new varieties or the exclusion of others. Genetics that breach the THC limits for two consecutive years are usually excluded from this catalog, as is the case with the chosen Campana and some other genetics. The controls are entrusted to the bodies in place in each country, in Italy the research and evaluation of new varieties of industrial hemp and entrusted to CREA which represents excellence in Europe and perhaps in the world as regards research and development in the agricultural field.

What should I do to grow Hemp in Italy.

To start a cultivation of Hemp in Italy no permit or specific license is required, many times it is recommended to send a simple courtesy communication to the police in order to report the cultivation and avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant situations that can be easily avoided with a little good sense. To grow hemp for commercial purposes you will need a VAT number (like a normal other agricultural activity) in case of cultivation for personal purposes or research and it is also possible to proceed as a natural person without the need to open a company.

Here we can download a PDF form to report the start of sowing to the police.

The Cannabis Light Business

Cannabis will undoubtedly be one of the sectors that will grow the most this 2020, the cannabis market in the united states where it will soon be legalized also at the federal level has already surpassed that of the textile sector in terms of volumes and turnover. In Italy since 2017 there are more and more new start-ups that are born every year, some of them are to be considered real excellences at European level. The margins in this sector are among the highest in the agricultural industry, and by starting a new farm for the cultivation of cannabis sativa you can access without problems the various funding and contributions proposed by Europe. Oltre alla più famosa produzione di infiorescenze con la cannabis e possibile dedicarsi a la produzione di materiale bio sostenibili alla estrazione di CBD le cui proprietà mediche sono ormai riconosciute al unanime dalla comunità scientifica mondiale. In addition to using hemp for food purposes, the cannabis seeds eaten are considered a super food thanks to the organoleptic properties that compose them.

Genetics list of cannabis sativa in the European list.

As already mentioned, this list is truly dynamic and the genetics present are constantly updated, in this diagram we only want to give a reference on those most used and the relative country of production. Seguendo questo link sarete reindirizzati al elenco ufficiale e aggiornato sul sito della Comunità europea.

Fedora 17KompoltiCarmagnolaFibramulta 151Delta 405YUSO 13
Felina 32Kompolti SárgasázrúCarmagnola Selezionata (CS)Lovrin 110Delta-LlosaYUSO 31
Fedrina 74Uniko-BFibranovaSequeniRastslaviskaGlukhov 33
Futura 75Kompolti Hibrid TCEletta CampanaIreneNovosadska KonopljaZenica
Fibrimon 21FibrikoSuprafibraBulgariaGermanyDneprovskaya
Fibrimon 24PolandSloveniaMecnaja copt.FasamoOdnodomnaya 6
Fibrimon 56BialobrzeskieRudnikSilistrensi'Kuban'
Fibrimon 12'Beniko'PesnicaYUSO 11
Epsilon 68'Dolnoslaskie'Zenit YUSO 14
Santhica 23YUSO 15
FinolaYUSO 16

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