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CBD Liquid Electronic Cigarette: Create them at Home

CBD liquids have been enjoying considerable international fame in recent years, especially with regard to electronic cigarettes. Furthermore, creating your own liquid CBD electronic cigarette has great advantages, especially economic ones, while smoking CBD through the electronic cigarette instead of the classic joint protects the consumer's health. Read our informative article to discover all the secrets about the e-cigarette cbd liquid.

E-cigarette CBD liquid: how to create them at home

Advantages of using cbd liquid e-cigarette

Often and willingly in recent years the cbd electronic cigarette liquid has been used to preserve health, in fact, unlike the classic cbd joints, electronic cigarettes are not subjected to the phenomenon of combustion: therefore the first fundamental advantage is that of the health of the consumer who is best protected. In addition to this, another great advantage is that of economic savings, in fact an electronic cigarette cbd liquid will last much longer than the classic joint: over time you will notice a good saving in terms of money.

What are the benefits of making your own cbd liquids at home?

Creating your own cbd e-liquid by yourself is of the utmost importance, once you have learned the whole process anyone can create your own cbd electronic cigarette liquid so you can save a lot of money. In fact, creating your own cbd liquids for the electronic cigarette by yourself will allow us to save a lot of money as the ready-made liquids will cost more than tripled, we can also choose the desired aroma and the right amount of cbd crystals we want to take .

Disadvantages of making your own e-liquids

Of course, besides the advantages there are also disadvantages of creating your own cbd liquids, for example you have to pay close attention to the processes and substances used, these substances must be specifically for these e-liquids otherwise problems could arise during the process and waste money . Particular attention must also be paid when dosing the cbd crystals as they are extremely pure: in fact, for beginner smokers, the 99% of CBD present in pure crystals is far too exaggerated!

How to make e-liquid with cbd?

Making cbd liquids for e-cigarettes

Preparing a CBD liquid for e-cigarettes is a simple task that can be done with neutral bases such as vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is one of the most common ingredients in DIY e-liquids as it is safe and easy to find. The percentage of dilution of the liquid will depend on the desired concentration of CBD and for best results it is possible to use high quality cannabis sativa. It is important to note that these liquids must be prepared without nicotine and with concentrated flavors to give a touch of pleasant taste. Other common ingredients include propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol, which help dilute the CBD and create a smooth blend. It is recommended to wear latex gloves when handling individual ingredients to avoid cross-contamination. If you don't want to create a CBD liquid from scratch, you can also buy ready-to-use liquids with different concentrations and flavors available on the market.

As with all substances with a high concentration of CBDin fact, the bitter taste of cannabis predominates in the crystals. There is no content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in liquids created solely with CBD crystals, which is why the latter is considered perfectly legal in Europe.

For starters, using a CBD concentration higher than 5% is not recommended. A 20mg bottle of e-liquid is expected to use no more than 0,6mg of CBD crystals for novice smokers. For expert consumers, however, 1mg of cbd crystals can also be used to make e-liquids.

How to make cbd crystal e-liquid?

After specifying the exact amount of cbd crystals to make e-liquid, you can dissolve the cbd crystals in special e-liquids. Since e-cigarettes are not devices designed to be used with CBD crystals, some precautions should be taken.

CBD liquids with cbd crystals for electronic cigarette

The difficulty of producing crystals of CBD makes them a particularly expensive product and not easy to find, while the high concentration of CBD in the crystals makes it absolutely necessary to use extremely precise and sensitive scales, indeed with large CBD contents. , you shouldn't exaggerate with the doses, but you must use one balance precision.

You can dissolve crystals in e-liquid. The gram ratio of the CBD crystals to the liquid is approximately 1 to 50 and the temperature of the liquid should be 60°C or slightly higher.

If, on the other hand, a specific vaporizer is used that heats the crystal to a temperature above 120° and below 170°, you can prevent the crystal from burning or melting.

Where can you smoke e-cigarette cbd liquid?

CBD liquids for electronic cigarettes are perfectly legal since the active ingredient of cannabis is not present, namely the thc, so there is no problem to smoke in any place (where smoking is not prohibited) the e-liquids. In addition, the vapor given off by e-cigarettes will not give any indication in terms of smell that you are smoking e-cigarette cbd liquid with cbd crystals.

Differences between CBD liquid and CBD oil.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. With the growing popularity of CBD, consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to consuming it, including e-liquids and oil.

The main difference between CBD liquid and CBD oil is how they are consumed. CBD liquid is used in e-cigarettes, while CBD oil is consumed orally or applied topically to the skin.

Another major difference is the way they are manufactured. Liquid CBD is made by mixing CBD with a liquid base, such as propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), while CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from cannabis plants and mixing it with a carrier oil. such as olive oil or coconut oil.

In terms of absorption, CBD liquid is absorbed faster than CBD oil. This is because the liquid is inhaled directly into the lungs, where it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Conversely, CBD oil must be digested before it can be absorbed by the body.

Another difference to keep in mind is the dosage. E-cigarette cbd liquid is often easier to dose than CBD oil, as users can control exactly how much e-liquid to add to the e-cigarette. By comparison, CBD oil is dosed in milligrams, which can be more difficult to measure accurately.

Finally, flavors can vary between CBD liquid and CBD oil. CBD e-cigarette CBD liquid often comes in a variety of flavors, from fruity to mentholated, while CBD oil tends to have a stronger and often bitter taste due to the carrier oil used.


With all the options available for to smoke CBD, e-cigarettes are a popular and convenient alternative for many. Making your own CBD e-liquids may seem intimidating at first, but it's actually a simple task that can be done at home with the right ingredients and a little caution. Additionally, this allows you to control the concentration of CBD and customize the flavors to your liking. If you prefer a simpler option, you can also buy ready-to-use CBD liquids on the market. Whichever option you choose, make sure you always use high quality products and follow the directions for use to ensure a safe and enjoyable smoking experience. visit our online shop su to find a variety of high quality CBD products and start enjoying the benefits of smoking CBD today!

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