The Origins of Cannabis

The origins of Cannabis, a plant cultivated and admired for thousands of years, even by the most illustrious nobles of the past; this suggests that the recreational use of marijuana has always been present in history.

The origins of Cannabis, a plant cultivated and admired for thousands of years, even by the most illustrious nobles of the past; this suggests that the recreational use of marijuana is always unfortunately, for decades now it has been subject to prohibition by most states, and the consequent smuggling by criminals. But how did we get to this situation, when even many years ago this plant was also used for therapeutic and industrial purposes? Read this article to find out about the incredible history and origins of cannabis that was present in history.

Origins of cannabis flowering plant birth

Small Curiosities about Hemp

Gutenberg’s Bible, the first book printed in Europe in 1453 with the movable type technique, was printed on hemp paper. The sails of Christopher Columbus’ caravels were also made of hemp fiber. Until three centuries ago, hemp was totally legal and widespread in North America, in fact, about 70% of the land belonging to the founder of the United States of America, George Washington was cultivated with hemp. In addition to Washington, Thomas Jefferson also owned a large amount of hemp-grown land. In addition to this, the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America was also written on hemp paper.

The Birth of Marijuana

It originated in Central Asia and has been used for recreational and therapeutic uses for more than 5000 years. The Aryans smoked marijuana, and it was they who taught the physical and therapeutic properties of this special plant to the Assyrians and the Indian peoples. Shen Nung, in 2737 BC he made a treatise on oriental pharmacology, which contains the first reference in human history as a medical use of cannabis.

Legalization of cannabis cultivation and use

Many passages by Marco Polo and Abu Mansur Muwaffaq show that since thousands of years ago, cannabis was cultivated throughout the Middle East and in the Mediterranean area; as well as to produce hemp fiber, also for its psychoactive properties; in other words, even since the dawn of time, ancient populations have been growing cannabis for the purpose of getting high, and producing fiber. In short, these were the first origins of cannabis that we are aware of.

The First Time of Prohibition

In 1484, a papal bull banned the use of cannabis for all the faithful, but in the following centuries, despite the prohibition of the church, fortunately the use of marijuana for recreational purposes became a real fashion among intellectuals. In fact, at that time the first Hashish Club was born in France (more precisely in the center of Paris), which was very popular with famous writers and poets of international caliber.

The Prohibition in the USA

Cannabis prohibition around the world

In 1937, cannabis was banned throughout the United States, it was used as a justification that “cannabis was to blame for making people violent and mad. Harry J. Anslinger, the director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, tried to justify this prohibition with ultra-racist quotes against black people, Hispanics, Filipinos, etc; stating that all marijuana smokers in the US belonged to those “races”, and that because of cannabis, these people came to kill and stealing without motivation. Also, this man claims that “Cannabis is the most violent drug in history”.

The US newspapers carried out this completely useless and false disinformation campaign for many years. And due to the dominance of the United States on the influence of the planet, many other countries following this false information prohibited cannabis without any reason, a prohibition that we are still fighting today.

Benefits of Legalization

Legalization, sought and requested by millions of people around the world; Consumers are tired of hiding to smoke marijuana and tired of buying it on the black market, which offers unsupervised weed that is sprayed and chemically treated with toxic products.

Legalization, therefore, would lead to these benefits:

  • Blow to organized crime, which thanks to this plant draws profits of billions of euros;
  • Using the proceeds for the public good, instead of improperly disturbing a person just because he wants to smoke a joint.
  • Selling a healthy and supervised product under current regulations, which does not harm the health of citizens; on the contrary it will bring benefits thanks to its cannabinoids present.

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