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How to understand when the weed is ready? Complete Guide

It is very complicated, especially for novice growers, how to understand when the weed is ready, in fact, picking the right moment to harvest our cannabis plants will be essential to avoid various complications. We at Grace Genetics have prepared a complete guide to knowing the perfect time to harvest marijuana plants.

Complete guide on how to tell when the weed is ready

The importance of harvesting cannabis at the right time

Harvesting marijuana plants at the perfect time is essential for the success of our cannabis cultivation, in fact, if it is not harvested at the right time, the cannabis inflorescences could lose much of their active ingredient (THC) and not have the desired high during the harvest. smoking session. In the event of a considerably delayed cannabis harvest, the tetrahydrocannabinol levels drop considerably, making the inflorescences almost have a higher level of CBD than THC, however, with a too early harvest of marijuana, you risk even more: the unripe marijuana buds they are often useless to smoke!

Watering Hemp With Milk: Right or Wrong?

In recent years, the legends of watering hemp with milk with the aim of providing good fertilization to the plants and ensuring faster maturation have circulated, but is this a good thing or a bad thing? Let’s start by saying that watering hemp with milk is an unfounded urban legend, we strongly advise against carrying out this practice since milk together with cream are substances harmful to plants!

Signals of the maturation of the marijuana buds

There are numerous signals that our cannabis plants give us to make us understand that it is the perfect time to harvest the plants and not to wait any longer, now we are going to list them one by one.

Cannabis yellow fan leaves

Yellowing of fan leaves

When the yellowing of the fan leaves starts during the flowering stage, it’s still not the right time to harvest your marijuana plants. However, when they start to turn yellow completely it could be the perfect time to harvest the cannabis plants, therefore we advise you to carefully evaluate this extremely important signal and to harvest the cannabis when other signals combined with it are also manifested.

Ready trichomes in cannabis, clear trichomes

Transparent color of trichomes

The resin present on the trichomes of the marijuana buds begins to develop together with the buds when the plants enter the flowering phase and the flowers begin to develop. Naturally, being an obvious signal, ready trichomes have a great importance for understanding when the weed is ready, understanding it in this case will be even easier. When the weed is ready we will tell by the transparent color of the resin present on the ready trichomes, as opposed to the milky white color that is present when the cannabis is not quite mature yet.

Red pistils in the marijuana buds

Red color of the pistils

Another extremely important signal is due to the pistils, do you know those small and thin threads on the marijuana buds? Well, those are the pistils we’re telling you about. From the beginning of the development of the marijuana buds until the maturation the pistils have a white color, when at least 75% of the pistils instead, towards the end of the flowering phase, will reach a red / orange color it will be yet another signal that it is time to harvest cannabis plants.

In conclusion, how to understand when the weed is ready?

Concluding this complete guide on how to understand when the herb is ready, with the aim of harvesting exceptional cannabis inflorescences with a very high THC content after a tiring and demanding cultivation, we can guarantee that in combination of the 3 signals listed, namely: yellow color of leaves, ready trichomes and red pistils, it will be the right time for the cannabis plants to be harvested and subjected to the subsequent drying of the marijuana.

Drying cannabis buds is extremely important, and if not done properly it can be fatal for our buds, so we recommend reading our informative article on drying cannabis.

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