How to make Ice o Lator: 5 Step by Step

Come fare ice to lator step by step
How to make ice o lator at home in an artisanal way

What is ice o lator?

Ice o lator is a type of hashish generated by a cold extraction technique of the resin present on the inflorescences or leaves of marijuana plants, it is a completely natural technique that uses only ice (or frozen water), therefore no type of solvent. This cold extraction technique was invented in Holland, later when it was noticed that it is a product of the best quality compared to other extraction techniques, it spread all over the world.

It is carried out at very low temperatures, around 4 °C with the solidification of the resin glands and they are separated very easily from the vegetable part of the plant, thus guaranteeing a totally pure product composed of 100% plant resin. It is possible either to make ice o lator at home or to make other hashish in an artisanal way or to use professional machinery created specifically with the aim of obtaining superior yields.

Making ice o lator at home step by step

Making hash ice o lator is a process that requires special attention, it is not so simple so with the help of another friend grower or hashmaker we can be more sure about the success of the work, to make ice or lator hash we need simple equipment not too expensive housewives.

Necessary to make hash ice o lator

  • 1 bucket of about 20 liters
  • 1 blender
  • 1 thermometer
  • Ice o lator bags
  • Some mats
  • About 4 kg of ice
Bucket with ice and ice o lator bags for making hash ice or lator

Step 1: Put the cannabis buds in the freezer and prepare the necessary material

The first step is the simplest of all, in fact we will not have to do is take the ice o lator weed and put them in the freezer for an hour, the crystallization of the resin will allow us to be able to easily remove it from the plant material. In the meantime we begin to fill the bucket with ice water for about 80% of its volume, then put the ice o lator bags in the bucket, between the microphone bags and the edge of the bucket we absolutely must not leave air and the ice o lator bags must also be adherent to the edges of our bucket, first we have to put the finer stitches and then move on to the larger stitches.

Inflorescences with ice and water to make ice o lator

Step 2: Freeze the marijuana buds

Once an hour has passed from the freezing of the buds, we place them inside our bucket by putting the ice and frozen water, the cannabis flowers must be well covered with ice and water and we must always make sure that the temperature never exceeds 4 °C, we leave everything like this for about 20 minutes. Beware of the temperature, sudden changes can ruin our whole process for making ice o lator hash. Therefore, we reiterate to pay the utmost attention to the temperature, we recommend using a thermometer to always be well aware of it, so in case of any unexpected events you are ready to be able to intervene, so as not to throw away so much hard work and so on. lots of material.

Ice o lator hash with ice

Step 3: Mix everything to make the resin separate

The third step is very important, but we will only have to mix everything for about 5 minutes preferably with a blender, those who do not have it available can use a clean stick, after doing this we wait another 5 minutes letting all the mixture rest. After these other 5 minutes we will have to stir until the resin separates completely from the plant material, it will be easy to notice, in fact when the leaves and flowers are free of resin they will float! As soon as you see the leaves, flowers and the remaining floating plant material, it is recommended to immediately remove it from the inside of the bucket.

Making ice o lator thc at home

Step 4: Repeat the process to get hash ice o lator

Then we take out the larger ice o lator bags moving them well in the water so that all the resin passes to the second link, since they will always remain resin crystals even on the large ice o lator bags we can use an extraction mat to slide them back into the water later repeat the same and identical procedure with the last shirt. Be very careful though, because after this operation our hash ice o lator will finally come out.

This production process of the ice o lator thc must be repeated for three times in the same and identical manner using the same product, we will only change the ice o lator bags: We at Grace Genetics recommend jerseys from 120, 90 and 73 microns for the first cycle, 90, 73 and 45 microns for the second and 45, 37 and 25 microns for the third cycle.

Ice o lator hashish thc

Step 5: Our fantastic ice o lator thc is ready!

Once these repetitive steps have been completed, we finally get our hash ice o lator, which we must divide into small pieces and let it dry for a total of about 5-7 days, after which our hash ice o lator will be ready to be finally consumed!


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