How To Make Cannabutter At Home? 5 simple steps

For many years all the benefits of edible cannabis have been discovered, in fact this preserves health as opposed to consuming cannabis in a joint, so eating Cannabutter will be the best option to consume marijuana in a healthy and more particular way than usual.

How to make cannabutter at home with magical butter mb2e

What is Cannabutter?

By cannabutter we mean a cannabis-infused butter also prepared at home in an artisanal way, which aims to preserve the health of the consumer, since it is known that a joint is harmful due to the presence of tobacco and combustion. It is possible to prepare cannabutter both with high levels of THC and with high concentrations of CBD, everything will obviously depend on the buds of marijuana we intend to use.

If we choose to use cannabis buds of a variety rich in thc, such as Gelato 41, we will get an extremely tasty cannabis butter thanks to its fantastic terpenes and super rich in active ingredient, which will allow you to create a stoning effect for the consumer (much more powerful and long-lasting than a joint). Is

Equipment for making Cannabutter in an artisanal way

The best way to make cannabutter at home is obviously to equip yourself with excellent professional equipment, with the aim of making our cannabis infusion in the best way, in total safety and without making a mistake. In particular, our team of experts strongly recommends using the Magical Butter MB2E, which is a machine for making cannabutter at home in an extremely simple way, even beginners will be able to create the perfect cannabis infusion in no time.

Homemade cannabutter

Preparation of cannabis butter

Ingredients needed:

To prepare our cannabis butter we will need various ingredients that will be fundamental throughout the entire process, namely:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of butter
  • About 10/20/30/… grams of marijuana buds (the amount of flowers will depend on how much cannabutter you intend to produce)
  • 1 lemon zest (optional)
  • 1 saucepan
  • 1 Drain
Cannabis buds decarboxylation process

1st Step: Decarboxylation process

The most common mistake many people make when preparing cannabutter is not doing the decarboxylation process of cannabis inflorescences, do not subject the inflorescences to this fundamental process in fact it will be the cause of why the butter will not be able to give the desired effects despite the high percentages of thc present in the marijuana flowers used. The decarboxylation process consists of heating the cannabis buds before mixing them with the butter, placing them in an oven on a baking tray at 110-130°C is perfect, waiting 20-40 minutes.

Chopping cannabis flowers with a grinder

2nd Step: Chop the cannabis buds

Of course, before mixing the marijuana flowers with the butter, we will have to take special care to chop them completely, perhaps using a grinder. Chopping the cannabis buds will be a key step in the successful preparation of cannabis infused butter.

Cannabutter production in an artisanal way

3rd Step: Mix everything with the herb and blend everything

Take a pot and throw in the butter, the cup of water, the cannabis buds and a lemon zest, after that it will be necessary to simmer, so as to melt the butter in the best way, slowly it will start to melt, we recommend keeping temperatures constant between 70-95°C. Continue to cook all the mixture for about 3 hours, without ever boiling it, stirring often.

Drain the cannabutter to remove excess plant material

4th Step: Drain the Cannabutter

To prevent useless bitter leaves from remaining in the butter and then ending up in the final edible, it will be necessary to drain the cannabutter with a drain so as to eliminate these leaves as useless as they are annoying. This is a fundamental but also very simple step for the success of our work, why ruin everything instead of carrying out an easy and quick extra step? It wouldn’t make sense not to!

Cool down the cannabutter

5th Step: Let the cannabutter cool down

Cooling the cannabis butter will be the last step in obtaining the cannabutter, in fact letting it cool will return to its usual state, the butter will separate from the water and we will finally have our cannabutter to prepare our biscuits, a cake, etc. We do not recommend storing cannabutter for more than 1 month in the refrigerator, and for more than 2 months in the freezer.

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