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How To Make A Cannabis Mojito

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What is Cannabis Mojito?

The Marijuana Mojito is a variation of the classic cocktail Mojito which uses cannabis inflorescences as an additional ingredient to obtain a mojito that produces the much desired psychoactive effects caused by the THC. In this hot summer there is nothing better than a refreshing drink that allows you to face the endless days due to the torrid heat.

Precisely for this reason we at Grace Genetics we have created this complete guide on how to make a cannabis mojito, a fresh cocktail characterized by strong psychotropic effects. But that's not all, in fact besides the version THC it is also possible to create a high CBD marijuana mojito in such a way that the consumers of weed light can take advantage of our "cannabis bartender" recipe!

Ingredients for the Preparation of Marijuana Mojito:

  • 45 ml of white rum
  • 5 grams of cannabis flowers
  • Sparkling water
  • Fresh mint
  • 1/2 Lime
  • A glass of crushed ice
  • A spoonful of brown sugar
Cannabis mojito, cannabis mojito, marijuana mojito, marijuana mojito, ganja mojito, cbd mojito, cannabis mojito, cbd mojito, weed mojito, weed mojito, cbd mojito drink

How To Make Cannabis Mojito: Step By Step Guide On How To Make Marijuana Mojito!

  1. First we need to decarboxylate our cannabis inflorescences in the oven with the aim of obtaining the active cannabinoids of marijuana, i.e. the THC and the CBD. Indeed, it is well known that ganja buds do not have these cannabinoids, but they do have the THCA and the CBDA, which with high heat sources are transformed into thc and cbd allowing you to absorb the desired effects! Then add the cannabis in the oven for 1 hour at 110°C.
  2. We put the mint leaves, brown sugar and decarboxylated cannabis in a Mojito glass. We gently crush the mint leaves in order to release the aromas. We also add the lime cut into slices or squeezed into the glass. We continue to squeeze lightly to extract the juice and aroma from the lime.
  3. We also add white rum to the glass to give our marijuana mojito that hint of booze (otherwise what mojito would that be?) and stir gently to combine the ingredients. Then fill the glass with crushed ice. Finally we fill the glass with the carbonated water and gently mix the cannabis Mojito to distribute the aromas and flavors properly.
  4. Let's garnish the glass with a fresh mint leaf and a slice of lime to take care of its aesthetics and finally we'll be ready to enjoy the much desired Cannabis Mojito!
Cannabis mojito, cannabis mojito, marijuana mojito, marijuana mojito, ganja mojito, cbd mojito, cannabis mojito, cbd mojito, weed mojito, weed mojito, cbd mojito drink

Here Are The Best CBD Cannabis Strains For Making Weed Mojito!

Numerous legal marijuana genetics are available on our website at affordable prices for any type of customer. Obviously, there are only a few of the most suitable varieties for preparing the famous and much-loved cannabis mojito. Let's find out together which are the best genetics on the market to make CBD Mojito!

1. Lemon Haze

La Lemon Haze CBD version has 70% of sativa genes and the remaining 30% of indica genes so as to guarantee super energizing and creative effects typical of sativa-dominant marijuana genetics. With a terpene profile so appreciated by smokers that stands out thanks to the notes of lemon, citrus, incense and earth. Lemon Haze is confirmed as the best cannabis variety ever for the preparation of the cbd mojito!

2. Rocky Melon

In second place on the podium we place the much appreciated Rocky Melon Cbd, thanks mainly to its fantastic terpenes and spicy, fruity and very sweet flavors. Thanks to the variety of legal cannabis Rocky Melon it is possible to obtain a high quality marijuana mojito characterized by exceptional aromas!

3. Pineapple Kush

In third but not last place we at Grace Genetics we have decided to place the most sought-after legal marijuana genetics in Europe in recent months: the Pineapple kush. This light cannabis variety is confirmed as one of the best for making cannabis mojitos thanks to its unique terpene profile in the world of CBD and its incredible flavors and aromas with notes of pineapple, fruity, earthy, spicy and extremely sweet!

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