How to Make Hashish in an artisanal way and without errors

All cannabis growers have surely wondered how to make hash at home on their own, these are generally not complicated methods. In this article we will teach you how to make hash, many methods of which several are extremely rare. Read this informative article to find out how hashish with ice and homemade hashish.

History of Hashish

Hash comes from the word hashish which means “weed” in Arabic. It is a concentrated form of cannabis that has been around for a long time. Indians have known how to make hash for centuries. In fact, they massaged the cannabis with their hands until friction and heat covered their hands with the plant’s resin. Then, they rolled the resin into balls called “Charas“. The production of hashish is still carried out today in many parts of the world, the world capital of hashish today can be considered Morocco; moreover, many cannabis enthusiasts decide to make their own homemade hashish.

Make dry hashish smoke by sifting trichomes

Today, most cannabis concentrates come in the form of solvent-based oils. Others are made by squeezing parts of cannabis between hot plates to make rosin extracts (better known as Rosin). However, old-school connoisseurs still have a soft spot for some of the more traditional non-solvent hashes. The two ways to have them manually involve separating trichomes with the ice water and dry extraction techniques.

How to make dry Sift Hash

Dry sieving is relatively simple. To make hash, you only need micron screens and the plant part of a cannabis plant. Obviously, if you use several cannabis plants instead of just one cannabis plant, we will produce large quantities of hashish.

There are boxes that have several different sized screens on top of each other to make the dry sieving process simple. The screen size shrinks as you move down.

However if you don’t have a box, you can just use different sized screens. Make sure you have something like a large piece of paper to catch the sifted materials. Fold the sheet of paper and move the sifted materials to the next screen or to where you want.

Hash bubble wax of cannabis smoke

Step 1: Run through the first frame

Using stiff paper, you can brush the plant part back and forth until no more resin passes through. The first screen is usually the largest so there will likely still be contaminants in the sieved material. For those who have the option, using a pollen press would be a great idea and a fantastic help.

Step 2: Clean up further

If you are using a box designed for dry sieving, there should be a second screen directly below the first. Remove the top screen and set it aside. Repeat step 1 until you have reached the last screen. Each screen can be labeled with the micron-sized screen size used.

How to make Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash uses ice, water and screen printing filters to separate the trichomes. The name comes from the fact that the concentrate will melt next to a flame instead of burning. Fresh frozen material tends to make high quality hash. Here’s how to make ice hash at home.

Smoke wax (as it is called in jargon) made with freshly frozen gems can be pressed at low temperatures to produce live rosin. Rosin is one of the finest on the cannabis concentrate market today. As a result, it is also one of the hardest to find and most expensive per gram (usually over €50).

Ice hash extraction

Step 1: Prepare the bucket

First line the bucket with the smallest micron filter you have. Continue lining the remaining bags on top so that they gradually increase in size.

You want to put as much ice as you can, without stuff overflowing. Once the bottom of the bucket is covered with ice, you can start back and forth making layers of weed and ice until you reach the top of the bucket. Make sure the top layer is ice and not plant material.

Fill the bucket with water just below the lip so you can mix without making a mess.

Step 2: Gently mix

Let the water settle and decrease the temperature. Some hashmakers like to put their bucket in the fridge for an hour before starting the stirring process. Once things have cooled, use a large spoon to slowly stir the mixture. As the ice begins to melt, it will be easier to mix and you can increase your stirring speed a bit. Mix for about (10-15) minutes.

Step 3: Strain & Repeat

The next step is to filter the liquid until there is nothing left but the plant matter and ice. The smaller resin glands will have dropped through, into the bucket for further filtering.

As you move to smaller screen bags, you will end up with a purer hash. Once used up, you can fold each bag down to allow all of the hash to build up. Keep them separate and label the micron screen size. Trying each of them will help you understand the full spectrum flavors and potencies that a single strain of hash can offer. And here is the method of how to make hash with ice. After doing that, you will finally have your fantastic hashish.

Final shot: how to make hashish

Today, there are better tools you can use for how to make higher quality hash with less effort than enterprising hashmakers of the past. The quality of the final product will vary according to the starting materials used.

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