How Many Grams Do Autoflowering Cannabis Plants Produce?

Autoflowering cannabis plants are among the most cultivated varieties in the entire world, obviously thanks to the rapidity of their life cycle, both indoors and outdoors. The legends circulating on the web tend to ruin the reputation of autoflowering cannabis by discriminating against it mainly for its final yields, but this is obviously fake news. Keep reading this informative article to learn all the details about the yields of autoflowering cannabis plants.

Feminized autoflowering cannabis strain

What is Autoflowering Cannabis?

Autoflowering marijuana plants are bred from hybridized cannabis seeds with the aim of creating strains capable of growing and flowering in just 2 months to 2 1/2 months. For this reason they are the most used marijuana seeds all over the planet earth. In addition to this, despite the false reports circulating on the web regarding the “unsatisfactory” yields of autoflowering cannabis plants; we would like to clarify that they guarantee excellent yields both indoors and outdoors. The automatic marijuana strains featured in our autoflowering cannabis seed empire all produce high amounts of cannabis buds (500-700g / m2), but despite that there are numerous external factors to keep in mind, let’s find them one by one. one!

What are the factors affecting the yield of autoflowering plants?

Quality of Cannabis Seeds

It will be necessary to rely on great Seeds Bank if you mean successfully grow marijuana; Expired seeds will never produce the things you want, and in many cases they can go for one premature death or not even sprout! Therefore, the importance of growing great marijuana seeds by purchasing them from top quality Seeds Banks like Grace Genetics will be paramount if we want a potent and profitable cannabis grow!

Cultivation area

The growing area is an extremely important factor when it comes to the final yields that our fantastic autoflowering seedlings will produce. In particular, the environment in which we choose to grow cannabis plants also and above all characterizes the health of the strains as in the case of environments that are too cold, hot or with contaminants they can even put an end to our cultivation even before we can harvest the buds of weed.


Of course, the final yields of autoflowering cannabis plants will also and above all depend on fertilizers; organic fertilizers will employ a fundamental use to allow plants to grow and flower at their best. We at Grace Genetics recommend the use of Snoop’s Premium Nutrients fertilizers, the company of the well-known rapper Snoop’s Dogg as they are organic nutritional solutions of high quality and convenience. If the plants are not given fertilizers of note unfortunately they will meet certain death; or at best they will produce a yield that is far below expectations.

Training of cannabis plants

First of all, for training means the notes training techniques of cannabis plants and are applied more on autoflowering strains; the techniques low stress training and screen of green are used to ensure that most of the sunlight or grow lamps arrive directly where the marijuana flowers are forming; therefore, the goal will be not to waste light on excess foliage.

Pots for growing autoflowering cannabis plants

The Dimensions of the Vase

The size of the grow pots will contribute a lot to the yields of our autoflowering cannabis plants. Choosing the ideal pot size for growing both indoors and outdoors is not that simple, especially for beginners. Therefore, the Grace Genetics team will give you numerous tips to do it best. First of all, for the autoflowering plants we will need a different size than for the photoperiodic ones, we recommend the purchase and use of 11 to 16 liter pots for Indoor Cultivation; while, it will be different for an outdoor crop where 20-liter grow pots can be used.

How To Get Higher Cannabis Yields?

To get higher yields from autoflowering cannabis plants it will be necessary to apply the very famous cannabis training techniques; this will be necessary to ensure that the light penetrates even in the lowest areas of the plant. Their life cycle is very short, so it will be necessary to exploit the times in the best way by illuminating it in any hidden area possible to produce an extremely high yield. Growing autoflowering seeds in the months of May, June or July always offers the best results. In addition, we once again recommend the use of excellent organic fertilizers to always guarantee the best nutrients to our autoflowering seedlings.

Autoflowering strain marijuana buds

Bottom Line, How Many Grams Do Autoflowering Plants Produce?

Although there are numerous factors at play, we can say that autoflowering seedlings produce an excellent yield in terms of final grams. In particular, in ours empire of autoflowering cannabis seeds there are numerous varieties that guarantee optimal yields, such as:

  • Girl Scout Cookies Auto: Autoflowering cannabis strain that ensures us one of the best yields in the world, namely 550-700 gr/m2;
  • Gelato 41 Auto: Grow indoors and outdoors having one of the best autoflowering strains available, used by true expert growers despite its ease of cultivation (500-600 gr/m2);
  • Auto Magnum XL: Sativa-dominant genetics that will bring home final yields of a whopping 600g/m2 with THC levels of 17%.

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