Growing Hemp in the United States, England and South Africa

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Legality, Variety and Uses.

Grow industrial hemp outdoor
Growing industrial hemp is a very simple plant even for novice farmers, especially in England, the USA and South Africa where there is a suitable climate to do it. Also thanks to these countries they have historically confirmed themselves as the main hemp producers on the entire planet. High Earnings Growing Hemp. Medical use. Grow hemp.

– Contents:

  • Is it legal to grow hemp in England, Usa and South Africa?
  • All the best hemp varieties
  • The main uses of this plant
American Hemp THC


The Farm bill recently signed by President Trump, that is the American law regulating agriculture, has legalized the cultivation and marketing of hemp and derivatives also at the federal level.
American hemp is therefore “free” in all respects, given that the federal prohibition was the last one left and was a step expected by all experts in the sector.
In practice, the Farm Bill removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, the table of controlled substances at the federal level, allowing its commercial production in the United States, as long as the genetics used do not contain more than 0.3% THC, the limit set. From the USA to be considered hemp for agro-industrial use and not a drug substance.


CBD is legal in the UK and is not considered a controlled substance. There are no restrictions on this cannabinoid, and it can be freely distributed. However, CBD derived from cannabis plants cannot be legally purchased, as marijuana remains illegal under the Misuse of Drugs Act, passed in 1971. Hemp cultivation is legal in the UK, in line with EU regulations. Therefore, any CBD oil with THC values ​​above 0.2% is considered medical marijuana, but illegal. AFTER THE RECENT DEPARTURE FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION, THE UNITED KINGDOM HAS NOT STILL TAKEN ITS OWN POSITION ON THIS TOPIC.


Clarifications therefore come as to where the new programming leaves room for industrial hemp issued by the Department of Agriculture, about the agrarian reform and rural development of South Africa but Stone’s opinion is that the Government is preparing to regulate Cannabis from the point of view of the end use, a move that stakeholders hope will free the hemp manufacturing industry from the yoke of pharmaceutical and medicinal laws.

Variety of Industrial Hemp

sativa cannabis plant outdoor

Grace Genetics offers only the best certified industrial hemp genetics of the highest quality. These varieties are divided into two categories:

  • DIOICA, which is the most widely used cannabis variety by the largest growers. They are the most widespread varieties of hemp in Italy and are suitable for the production of textile fibers, for consumption as a smoke product, as fuel or for green building. We find Carmagnola, Eletta Campana, Finola, Kompolti, Tiborszallasi.
  • MONOICA, i.e. the cannabis genetics that develop both sexes on the plant. With these seeds you have the total certainty of obtaining hermaphrodite plants. The cultivation of these plants is entirely for industrial purposes, given the huge amount of seeds they are capable of producing. They are the result of a long selection since they are not a genus of hemp already present in nature. We find the Fedora 17, Felina 32, Futura 75.

Hemp Seed Oil

Thick hemp seed oil

Hemp oil is food obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the hemp plant. Its color ranges from light green to dark green, and it gives off a distinct smell, reminiscent of hazelnut. Contains 10% of saturated fatty acids and about 90% of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids; in the latter the supply of linoleic acid is equal to 50-60%, and the supply of alpha linoleic acid is equal to 15-20%; the strong presence of these fatty acids in hemp oil is the basis of its benefits. The difference between this and the other oils is that it achieves the best balance between the intake of Omega 6 and Omega 3, their ratio is 3:1. No other food possesses this precious and important property for the human body.

How to get Permission to Grow Hemp for Medical Use.


Today, medical marijuana is legal in 33 US states, and Washington D.C. Each state has developed its own legal framework for governing the medical marijuana system.
Owning a medical marijuana card exempts you from most marijuana possession and consumption laws. However, the qualification conditions and the process for obtaining a card differ from state to state.
The key thing is that the state recognizes the disease, at which point it is possible to grow and consume hemp for medical use without problems.


In late 2018, new laws in the UK made medicinal cannabis available on prescription. It is now considered a medicinal product.


Last fall, the Constitutional Court of South Africa legalized the cultivation and possession of marijuana for personal use.

Hemp fibers.

Friable hemp fiber resistant

The hemp fiber suitable for fabrics is obtained from the mechanical processing of the fibrous part external to the stem of the plant. Hemp fiber is a hollow, hygroscopic fiber. It is a perfect combination to obtain a yarn with high thermal insulation and air permeability. Among the natural fibers most resistant to textile processing, hemp allows you to create a fabric that is more resistant to mechanical action, tearing and deformation than any other natural fabric. The hemp fabric has both firmness and softness, so it is possible to obtain particularly comfortable garments. Its behavior is similar to wool: cool in summer and warm in winter.

Hemp cultivation Earnings.

Outdoor medical marijuana strain

Currently, the hemp market is worth several million euros every year. The hemp produced is used to obtain the inflorescences of light marijuana. This is an economic field. Today this field attracts many aspiring entrepreneurs. Hemp cultivation incentives are estimated to be around 15,000 euros per hectare. This is the result of the calculation of hemp grown per hectare, and its intended use is light hemp and CBD extraction. So with hemp cultivation you earn very high earnings.

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