Growing Hemp in Spain

The cultivation of hemp in Spain as in many other European countries has been one of the largest industries of the past. Especially in the production of ropes for the naval sector, contributing to the development of navigation.

For many years hemp fiber was the economic support of thousands of Spanish families; thanks to the excellent climate and fertility of this European country. But then with the advent of the industrial revolution this cultivation was gradually abandoned; therefore source of income was influenced by changes in the law, promoted by economic interests from third countries. Would you like to know how important hemp can be in Spain?

History of cannabis crops in Spain

The cultivation of hemp plants for fibers in Spain dates back several centuries, approximately from the 5th century BC. Thanks to the excellent climate of this land, its cultivation spread rapidly throughout the territory

It has been shown that in the shipments of Christopher Columbus to America, the sails and other components of the ships were made of this material. At that time in the Middle Ages, the Spanish kingdom became a world power, thanks to hemp, among other things.

In its diffusion it involved many other regions including: Andalusia, Aragon, Galicia, Catalonia or the Valencian Community. Still today you can visit thehemp museumin the city of Callosa del Segura, in the province of Alicante, this shows how important the cultivation of this plant of some spamish’s part

But everything changed in the 1930s and 1940s when marijuana was banned in the United States and synthetic fibers such as nylon appeared. From that country, a war began to exterminate hemp all over the world and Spain would be no exception.

Spain belongs to the European Union, which approves the cultivation of hemp for industrial use since 1999, provided that some rules are respected. Spanish companies that want to grow the “plant” can also request subsidies granted by the EU and also you have the opportunity to plant up to 25 different varieties of hemp seeds hemp

The return of this fantastic plant

It is currently returning thanks mainly to the medicinal components of the plant. Fiber cultivation is not very profitable, but there are more and more products on the market that contain CBD, so there is a rebound in this sector.

A few years ago, the Spanish Association of Hemp Producers and Processors (AEPTC) was founded in Granada (Andalusia) to allow small businesses to join forces and at the same time make known a unique model of sustainable development, providing advice to new companies that want to enter a sector that continues to grow.

Some of the most important companies in the sector have entered the medical market, directly or through third parties. There are even cases like Cafina SL that after being licensed to produce medical cannabis has been absorbed by the giant Canopy Growth from Canada

The best known case is that ofAlcaliber SL belonging to the Torreal group, which was sold to Linneo Healthand has already collected medical marijuana in Spain. This company produces morphine and theine, with Bayer as its main customer and now also involves the German cannabis market.

However, there are still companies that grow industrial hemp in Spain to obtain seeds. The nutritional power of hemp is already known, but thanks to the trend of super foods these days they are consumed as never before. Among the most important plants in the country are theGalihemp cooperative in Lugo, Celulosa de Levante in Tarragona, Agrofibra in Barcelona, Agrosa semillas in Guadalajara and Taller Textil de Triste in Huesca strong .

In order to have yourlegal hemp plantation in Spain, five essential requirements must be met:

  1. Request authorization from your agricultural consortium.
  2. Buy seeds of varieties certified by the European Union.
  3. Submit the seed certification to the local regional agricultural office, together with a report on the final use and destination of the product.
  4. Record the plantation in the general register of agricultural production, also presenting the memory of use and the final destination.
  5. Inform in various offices of the Civil Guard and Seprona in the area

Licenses for the cultivation of medicinal hemp in Spain

In the case of Spanish hemp producers for medicinal uses, the permits are a bit more complicated. The skills in this sense range from the Ministry of Agriculture to the Ministry of Health and every time you want to obtain CBD or create products with medicinal properties, you must have the approval of the Spanish agency of medicine and health products.

Nowadays, it is not easy to get alicense to produce medical cannabis in Spain, only 5% of all applications have been granted in recent years. Hopefully this will change in the short term, as other countries are regulating the sector and trade opportunities are multiplying.

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