Dragon Cannabis Club

Dragon Cannabis Club

Too many times you loyal customers of Erba di Grace from all over Europe have asked us for advice on what the Cannabis Social Club mile was. From today we know well what to advise you …….

Barcelona is known and full of social clubs scattered all over the territory there are about 220 of them, some large and pretty others really bad and from there stay cleverly away.

Among these our favorite beyond what in our opinion is the best in Barcelona is the Dragon Cannabis Club questo club aperto da diversi anni si trova in carrer del Bruc 60 a pochi passi dal famosissimo Passiò de Gràcia e 5 minuti a piedi da Plaça de Catalunya .

The merits of this club are many, first of all, we want to inform you that inside you will always find a highly specialized staff who will always advise you on the product that suits your tastes and preferences.

The environment is super treated with an excellent ventilation system in order to ensure total comfort during your joint break, as for the raw material we will always find over 20 varieties available between Indica, Sativa and hybrids. In addition, the menu includes a wide selection of Hashish as products ingested as biscuits and other seasoned of our favorite cannabinol (THC).

As the last thing (this you evaluate if you value or defect) every day usually from 12:30 to 14 you can meet us of Erba di Grace we enjoy a well-deserved break.

Having said this, the registration to the club is possible for those over 18, always in possession of an identity document, the club is open every day from 12:30 pm until 1:00 pm.

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