Germination of indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds

The Germination Of Cannabis Seeds


The germination of cannabis seeds is the first step in starting your final harvest. It is a natural process that allows a seed to come to life, open and turn into a shoot. In this article, we discover how to germinate our seeds in the best way possible, achieving maximum germinability. Germination time cannabis seeds

Methods of germination of hemp


Germinate cannabis seeds glass water soak

This is a very simple technique that is widely used by producers. Simply use a glass half full of water at room temperature. Soaking the seeds in water will take a few days depending on the variety. Germination time of cannabis seeds: after 3 to 5 days, the seeds will begin to grow and the first fine white roots should appear. When they reach 2-3 mm, carefully extract the seeds from the water and transfer them to a pot filled with soil. With a pencil, make a small hole in the ground, at a depth of about 1 cm, put the seed inside and put it under the light. If we grow indoors, we set the timer by giving it 20 hours of light. Moisturize the soil a little, but constantly it is best to use a nebulizer to maintain high humidity.


This is the most commonly used method. The wet towel technique has many variations. Some producers also use cotton balls, the more rustic the coffee laying.

Germination seeds paper handkerchief cotton swab

To trigger the process, you need to extend a moistened paper towel on a flat surface, place the seeds so that they are within inches of each other. Then you have to cover them with another moistened paper towel. Germination time of cannabis seeds: 3-5 days, and when the white end of the root reaches 2-3 mm, transfer the seeds to the respective containers.


By planting directly into the soil, you will avoid handling and moving the seeds when they are still fragile and delicate. The water glass method and the paper towel method expose the seed to temperature fluctuations. Therefore, planting directly into the soil is a much safer solution. Obviously, putting seeds in the soil directly in the open field puts future plants in front of different types of dangers. Unless you grow hemp industrially or want to beautify your city’s public gardens with exotic species. Germinate the seeds in the field and always a bad idea.

Growth of the shoot and exit of the cotyledons

Which is different if we plant them in the soil, they use pots in indoor environments or in greenhouses. You should use a nebulizer to moisten the soil before planting seeds. With an adequate level of moisture, the roots will grow perfectly. Germination time of cannabis seeds: after about 5-10 days, the first shoots should appear, while the roots will continue to grow strongly.

The Ideal Temperature

The ideal temperature is between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius. Growth environment should be moist, but never wet. The ideal relative humidity is between 70% and 90%.

Trigger the germination of cannabis seeds.

Germination cannabis indoor grow box ideal temperature humidity

There are three main external stimuli that trigger the germination of a seed: water, air and heat. All three must be present to allow cannabis seeds to grow successfully.

Let’s start with the water. When a seed comes into contact with the water, a process called “soaking” is activated, i.e. rehydration of the outer shell of the seed (which will open under the pressure of the embryo, hydrated and ready to leak as a bud). The second stimulus a seed needs to germinate is air. This allows the embryo to perform its vital functions, such as photosynthesis and sweating. Finally, a cannabis seed needs mild temperatures to develop its own embryo. Inside a seed, there are already all the nutrients needed to grow and leak the embryo outside. The only stimuli it needs to germinate properly are the three parameters above.


After a few days, the cannabis seeds are ready to take the first steps. The outer shell has now opened, allowing a dense root to escape outside, ready to grow in the surrounding environment. Once the right conditions are found, the radical part plunges into the depths of the substrate, while on the other side 2 small embryonic leaves, called cotyledons, emerge. These will give the last thrust to the seed shell, separating it permanently from the seedlings.

Legal hemp seed germination

Don’t be tempted to manually remove the seed hose from which the cotyledons begin to escape, you can only damage the seedling. When these small leaflets appear, you must begin to provide the young plant with a high intensity of light, in order to facilitate the conditions to trigger the process of photosynthesis and, therefore, produce the fuel for its future growth.

There are several techniques for sprouting a cannabis seed, some more reliable than others. As a precautionary measure, we advise beginner growers to start sprouting only a portion of the seeds at their disposal. For example, if you have 10 seeds, you can start sprouting only 5 seeds, and the rest can be stored for next week. This way, you will avoid ruining a whole packet of seeds due to a bad germination technique, and you can count on new seeds with which to try again. If, on the other hand, you are sure of your growing skills and have already sprouted seeds in the past, then there is no reason not to use one package at a time.

In general, the germination of cannabis seeds is best at temperatures of 21-27 degrees Celsius (69-80 degrees Fahrenheit), taking 2 to 7 days to develop the first shoot. As much as there are people who think differently, the seeds should germinate in sunlight.

Some more tips:

If you buy poor quality or questionable seeds, your chances of success will be greatly reduced, regardless of your farming experience. Pale-hued seeds tend not to germinate, probably because of their immaturity. However, there are cannabis varieties that can produce lighter seeds, so be careful. If a seed bank has sold you light yellow seeds, contact them and ask them if it is a particular genetics or if there has been an error in the selection process.

Cannabis-seeds germination problems.

Other factors that could hinder the germination of cannabis seeds are unbalanced pH levels, exposure of the seed to air and drought, the depth in which it is planted, excessive fertilization, external damage or poor soil quality. Always be very careful where you store the seeds to germinate. A place that is too cold could damage the seeds, pushing the future plant to slow growth.

Germination hemp ground pot indoor in the field

If you decide to plant the seeds in a bedrock, avoid constantly removing the surface layers to see how the germination phase progresses. Don’t be in a hurry, they’ll be out sooner or later. Your intervention could seriously harm young people and take root.

There are cannabis varieties that tend to develop a rather weak stem. If you see your seedlings bend sideways, support them with a small splint (a toothpick or stick, to be removed once enough vigour is regained to support you). Avoid using sticks and plant material collected outdoors, they may contain dangerous pathogens, such as parasites or mold.

How to germinate old cannabis seeds.

Cannabis seeds can be stored in optimal conditions without losing germination for up to 2 years, after the germination rate begins to decrease. Some tricks to use when using old cannabis seeds is to lightly scratch the outer skin with a little very fine sandpaper. Take care not to damage the seed. Another factor that most help us is to insert a few drops of oxygenated water when starting germination. Oxygen peroxide helps to soften the outer skin and subsequent opening of the seed.

It is recommended to store cannabis seeds in areas with a temperature between 4 and 6 degrees with a humidity level of no more than 30%.

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๐ŸŒฟThe Grace Genetics Team ๐ŸŒฟ

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