Fruits or Flowers – What are Marijuana Buds?

By now we are all used to hearing marijuana buds called “flowers” by anyone, despite this, it is a trivial mistake. You will soon be surprised to find that cannabis is actually a fruit, not a flower. Thanks to research carried out by an independent cannabis researcher Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli, a very young researcher, passionate like all of us of this plant, we have come to this conclusion. Read this informative article to find out all the details of this important news about the world of marijuana, and how it came to be.

Cannabis fruit

Scientific Research on Cannabis

This research, as it is strongly correlated to the re-evaluation of the cannabis plant, and therefore strictly subject to criticism and particular observations, is still ongoing today. This is because, Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli, or the creator of this study, wants to let the world know all the benefits of cannabis and its derivatives. In the last three years, however, the World Health Organization has been re-evaluating this plant probably thanks to scientific studies such as Kenzi’s; very recently, it has finally established that Cannabidiol must not be a persecuted substance as it is devoid of psychoactive effects, and having only health benefits. In fact, for marijuana it is used as to mean only the consumed parts of the plant, but not all the other parts that are extremely useful to humans if worked. As for example, the hemp fiberto produce clothing, it is a totally ecological fiber.

In short, this scientific research on marijuana aims to establish a single opinion on the cannabis plant based only on scientific evidence, in fact the opposite of the current one. In particular, it cannabis study and cannabinoids and on the problems of terminology, in addition to specifying the fact that CBD must not be a substance that can be prosecuted for various reasons that are obvious to us, has established various reasons for which cannabis buds are fruits, and not flowers as we have always heard.

Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli, the creator of the Cannabis and Derivatives Study

Kenzi is a young independent marijuana researcher. His work is mainly based on the production and marketing of cannabis plants and other persecuted psychoactive substances. He is involved in Spanish and French movements and is often seen at meetings of the United Nations Committee on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna and Geneva.

Cannabis prohibition, an unmotivated choice

The general prohibition now all of us know what it is facing, that is to say the crime and the same identical previous consumption. This thing the world has understood since the times ofAmerican prohibition where alcohol became a persecutable substance. This did not involve any decrease in alcohol consumption, but only an increase in wealth for Al Capone’s organized crime.

Furthermore, nowadays it is known that tobacco and alcohol (great source of wealth for every state) are bad and cause many deaths every day, unlike marijuana which has never caused any deaths. In fact, a person could not die from cannabis abuse even if he tried, the quantities to be smoked in a short period of time would be enormous. The lack of a wide range of scientific research on cannabis has led us to today with general prohibition, which is increasingly lightening in many states thanks to studies such as Kenzi’s.

Cannabis fruit or flower

The Fruits of Marijuana

After this surprising research, we come to the conclusion that the female buds of marijuana plants are parthenocarpic fruits, therefore not flowers as has always been believed. In particular, parthenocarpic fruits are quite rare to find in nature; moreover, they are certainly not found on many types of plants, only on some that have the immense fortune of producing them, such as the hemp plant. Parthenocarpy is a counterintuitive biological mechanism, which is very frequently confused even among the most experts in the field. Even making the experts confused, this is why a lot of cannabis research ignores this area; despite this, studying parthenocarpy is a fundamental thing to find out all the details about your favorite pastime: consuming inflorescences.

What is Parthenocarpy?

Let’s start by saying that the parthenocarpic fruit turns out to be seedless. Parthenocarpy is therefore the development of a fruit without prior fertilization, a parthenocarpic fruit cannot be fertilized and produce seeds. Parthenocarpy occurs on various plants on our planet, such as pineapple and banana plants as well as cannabis. It basically serves to significantly increase the production of plants and also to greatly increase the quality of the final product.

Marijuana plant with ready fruits

The Peculiarity of the Cannabis Fruit

Although we have just explained the fundamental detail of parthenocarpic fruits, now we reveal a great peculiarity of cannabis. As we have already pointed out several times, cannabis is a parthenocarpic fruit, but what differentiates it from the others is that it can be pollinated by the pollen of a male plant and can produce seeds if this happens. For this reason, parthenocarpy is often ignored in marijuana research, because it is too confusing; but luckily there is Kenzi’s study that delves into this fundamental detail of cannabis.

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