Eletta Campana, one of the certified varieties of industrial hemp

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“Eletta Campana” is a historic Italian variety included in the list of varieties of hemp certified for cultivation in Italy pursuant to law 242/16, cultivated for centuries throughout Italy for its technical properties and resistance to dryness, takes its name from the region where Campania was most developed. eletta campana seeds hemp certifiedThanks to the valuable support of many southern Italian companies, in particular Cra di lecce, a research project has been launched for the multiplication of the seed heritage thanks to which, since 2015, it has been available for interested farmers.

It is a genetics developed to produce biomass but produces satisfactory quantities also in terms of seed and inflorescence
This variety is characterized by the anthesis of late female flowering which makes it suitable for the cultivation area of the southern regions.nce Another morphological character that unequivocally distinguishes the variety from similar ones, is the size of the leaves, which turn out to have one of the largest leaves.

After a stop that lasted more than 60 years,hemp has returned to populate our campaigns to produce sustainably, helping the environment and helping to create a new idea of economy and, why not, of the future. And another step forward, having as reference the traditional Italian canapiculture that had made us famous in the world.

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Below is a list of the main features:

Genotype: Dioica
Climate adaptability: North, Central, South Europe
Vegetative cycle: 160/180 days
Height: 2.5 – 6.5 meters
Full bloom: August

Yield in seeds q/ha: 4.5
Yield in round bales q/ha: 130.00
Yield in inflorescences: q/ha: 2.00

THC: < 0,2 % CBD: up to 8%


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