Eletta Campana, one of the certified varieties of industrial hemp

Eletta Campana Italian hemp seeds certified industrial hemp


“Eletta Campana” is a historian variety of Italian hemp inserted in list of certified hemp varieties and present on our site in the category Hemp seeds for cultivation in the UK in accordance with the law 242/16, cultivated for centuries throughout Italy for its technical properties and resistance to drought, takes its name from the region where the Campania. Thanks to the invaluable support of many companies in southern Italy, in particular Crea di Lecce, a research project has been launched for the multiplication of the seed heritage thanks to which, since 2015, it is available to interested farmers.

It is a genetics developed to produce biomass but produces satisfactory quantities also in terms of seed and inflorescence.
This variety is characterized by the anthesis of late female flowering which makes it suitable for the cultivation area of the southern regions. Another morphological character that unequivocally distinguishes the variety from similar ones is the size of the leaves, which appear to have one of the largest lamina.

After a hiatus that lasted more than 60 years, hemp has returned to populate our campaigns to produce in a sustainable way, helping the environment and helping to create a new idea of the economy and, why not, of the future. And another step forward, having as a reference the traditional Italian hempiculture that had made us famous in the world.


The cultivation of the sativa cannabis variety Eletta Campana is more and more wide, in fact more and more hemp growers choose this genetics with two main purposes: the abundant production of cannabis light inflorescences and the remarkable ease of cultivation, in fact, even novice growers will be able to sow this certified hemp variety, and will also be able to obtain excellent harvests in terms of final yield.

Certified hemp seeds cultivation Italy

In particular, our team of Grace Genetics experts recommends always giving plants the right ratio between water and fertilizers (we obviously recommend organic fertilizers, and not dangerous chemical fertilizers), and also the right amount of daily light, so if you have a working greenhouse with grow lamps pay attention to the hours of light you provide to the plants, avoiding stressing them with excessive light will be important for a healthy life cycle.


The flowers of this fantastic variety of legal marijuana, in general, are of an absolute quality, of course it will also depend on the grower and his cultivation methods for a great final product or not. However, the cbd inflorescences of eletta campana guarantee special aromas, with fruity notes, including spices and citrus fruits, really delicious and a slightly sour aftertaste, they are also covered with a thin layer of resin generated by the numerous trichomes that characterize this strain and by the excellent compactness. Of course, for greater compactness of the cbd inflorescences we recommend indoor cultivation more, as it is possible to independently adjust all the ideal parameters for an exceptional culture.


Eletta Campana is a variety of industrial hemp present in thelist of legally cultivable seeds throughout Europe, has a certificate valid at European level that guarantees the origin and legality of the seeds, we at Grace Genetics also provide the delivery of hemp seeds copy of the European certificate, in fact, all the varieties of hemp present in our catalog all have the certification. In order to legally cultivate the elected campana in Europe it is necessary to possess this certificate so as to be able to guarantee, in the event of any checks, the legal origin of the seeds. Therefore, it is possible to legally cultivate this cannabis sativa genetics throughout Europe.

Eletta campana seeds regular sex of plants


The eletta campana seeds present in our hemp seed catalog are all regular, this will mean that not all plants will be born female, according to scientific studies it has been shown that in regular seeds there is a 60% chance that female plants will be born , against the 40% probability that male plants will be born.

It is well known that male plants do not appeal to growers who grow cannabis for the purpose of harvesting buds, but if you intend to produce hemp fiber or to produce seeds, male plants will be essential to you. While, in our catalog there are also feminized industrial hemp seeds for all growers who want to produce large quantities of cbd inflorescences in a totally legal way, such as Carmagnola Selezionata.


  • Genotype: Dioica
  • Climate adaptability: North, Central, Southern Europe
  • Vegetative cycle: 160/180 days
  • Height: 2.5 – 6.5 meters
  • Full bloom: August
  • Yield in seeds q/ha: 4.5
  • Yield in round bales q/ha: 130.00
  • Yield in inflorescences: q/ha: 2.00
  • THC: <0,2% CBD: up to 8%

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