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Difference between Feminized and Autoflowering or Regular. Which seeds to choose?

If you are new to the world of cannabis cultivation, you may find it difficult to choose between feminized, autoflowering and regular cannabis seeds. At first glance, all suits may look the same, but there are important differences between them. In this article, we will explore the difference between Feminized and Autoflowering, as well as the differences between all cannabis seed varieties to help you make the best choice for your next grow.

I cannabis seeds standards come from a male parent it's one female and they can produce plants both male and female. When it comes to cannabis, there are many options and the situation becomes more complicated when you realize that each type of seed has its own specific traits. In this article, we explained the difference between regular seeds, feminized ones and autoflowering genetics, which are the three main categories. Indeed, the catalog of cannabis seeds it wasn't divided into these main varieties until not so long ago. Now the autoflowering seeds have arrived, those with a rich CBD. Rapid release and innovation in breeding will no doubt continue to create novelty. However, if we come full circle, all the suits were regular.

The differences between cannabis seeds.

We can immediately predict that there is only one difference: i regular seeds they can create plants both male and female, the semi-feminizzatiinstead they will be born only females (but beware of the hermaphrodites), speaking of autoflowering seeds, their particularity is their speed of growth and flowering. Indeed in a sunny period 12 settimane of cultivation of autoflowering plants it will already be possible to harvest compact and resinous buds.

Regular seeds cannabis italy cultivation

Regular Cannabis Seeds

With the Semi Regular it is practically impossible to tell if a regular cannabis seed will become a male or a feminized seed. Of course, after reaching the flowering stage, it is much easier to identify and separate male and female plants. Males will produce pollen sacs while the females will produce resinous inflorescences.

In regular seeds the growth report between male to female with regular seeds is approx 1 to 1 (about 66% women). As you begin germination, it is in your best interest to assume that the 50% of the seeds will eventually become female cannabis plants. When growing regular seeds you should always germinate a few extra seeds to compensate for any males you will be discarding later in the season flowering period early.

A number of different variables determine whether i regular seeds are more suited to some growers than the semi-feminizzati. The conditions of growth, the amount of time and space available, the preferred choice and the general level of skills all come into play. If you want to breed cannabis and produce new seeds, then you need both male and female plants, which would require regular seeds. If you have no interest in breeding and just want to have some outstanding gem, then feminized seeds might be a better choice.

Difference between Feminized and Autoflowering or Regular.

Feminized cannabis seeds

In contrast to regular seeds, i semi-feminizzati are bred specifically to eliminate the male chromosomes, effectively ensuring that every plant of the crop is female. If you are looking for a quick and easy grow then feminised seeds are perfect. Feminized seeds effectively eliminate the need to identify genders because the plants will be always feminine.

Feminized seeds also make sense in other logistical ways. With regular seeds, growers tend to germinate extra seeds (up to double the expected amount) to account for the crops unnecessary males. If you use feminized seeds, you just need to germinate as many plants as you need.

Determining sex of cannabis plants. Hermaphrodite gender male female

Beware of Hermaphrodites

Another aspect at play is that the cannabis it is not strictly masculine or feminine. Any marijuana plant can produce flowers of both sexes depending on certain conditions. Some environmental factors they can cause a plant to grow flowers of both sexes at the same time. In general, this is one stress response which triggers a survival mechanism in the plant. Temperature drops, physical damage, problems with the light cycle and other stressors can cause the plant to produce intersex characteristics.

The plant's response to these conditions is to recognize that the chance of survival and ultimately the reproduction they are low. The plant has a survival response integrated to ensure that it can reproduce successfully. Under these circumstances, one female plant will produce staminate male flowers so they can pollinate their own female pistil flowers. This allows them to produce seeds without the need for a male. In some cases, the male plants will produce pistils, but this is rare.

Hemp anatomy.

In 1982 the University of Pavia published a very comprehensive book on cannabis plants. Even if more than 40 years have passed, the plant hasn't changed so for us it certainly deserves a read by those who are always hungry for knowledge and want to know every secret about this fantastic plant. Here you can find the Google Ebook link where to find Cannabis anatomy free to download and read.

Production of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Unlike regular seeds, i feminized cannabis seeds were produced using two female marijuana plants. One of the plants in question would have had hermaphroditic tendencies (or, the propensity to create male flowers during stress). To emphasize the plant, growers interrupt the light cycle or prune branches or leaves. The pollen produced by the hermaphroditic plant would then be used to pollinate the "pure" female. Unfortunately, hermaphroditic plants used to pollinate females could pass that hermaphroditic trait up to the resulting seeds. This essentially meant that feminized seeds showed a stronger tendency to be hermaphroditic rather than purely feminine. All of ours Hemp Seeds thc are feminized and possess extremely high active ingredient levels, even above 27%. thc.

Over time, however, the creation process di semi-feminizzati got better and turned out to be more complex. With the help of different types of silver (learn how to make feminized marijuana seeds using colloidal silver), it has become possible to force even the purest females to create male cannabis flowers. Hence, the seeds created from these plants have no propensity towards intersex. All the semi-feminizzati di Grace herb are created with this method.

To put it simply, intersex or hermaphroditism is a natural part of the human genome marijuana plant. Depending on the genetics of each plant, they have a greater or lesser chance of becoming a hermaphrodite due to certain conditions. These seeds too NOT they are genetically modified, which means that genes are neither added to nor removed from the plant. The mother plants themselves could be considered "physically modified" by silver, but the seeds themselves are produced naturally through pollination.

Feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds

Strains of marijuana that are autoflowering generally small and ideal for the growing outdoors. THE hours of light decrease and a change of season is not necessary for the autoflowering cannabis seeds. Most standard marijuana plants start flowering in late summer, as the days get shorter and the amount of light decreases. Plants recognize that they must begin to mature before winter sets in. Autoflowering seed plants are different. They will enter the flowering stage even if they receive 24 hours of light. For autoflowering seed plants, this is usually necessary 10 settimane from start to finish. You can also find feminized autoflower seeds that provide the double benefits of a quick harvest and there is no need to identify the sexes of the plants. These seeds can produce approx 2 crops within a normal summertime.

feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds cbd cultivation

Yield of Autoflowering plants:

Unlike regular seeds with semi-automotive, you can expect between the 50 and 500 grams by m2. This depends on how the plant is maintained and cared for.

Le autoflowering plants they stay quite small, so you can plant a few for each square meter. If you want to enjoy some weed outdoors in the approx 10 settimane, using these cannabis seeds will certainly help you. That said, the yield and quality are not up to par with seeds that flower regularly. With feminized autoflower seeds, you should be providing the plant with a formula of growth for the first 2 or 3 weeks. After that, you can move on to the formula of flowering.

Features of automatic flowering of cannabis seeds

  • Generally high from 30 to 60 centimeters
  • Suitable for outdoor growth
  • It starts flowering automatically after approx 3 settimane
  • From seed to harvest it takes from 9 to 10 weeks.

To complete this fantastic article we have found a documentary (in English) which tells the story of the discovery of cannabis and its first uses 8000 years ago.

Good vision .

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