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Cooking Cannabis Cake in 4 Simple Steps

Marijuana-based foods have become increasingly famous in recent years and more and more people are becoming passionate about this practice, such as the famous cannabis biscuits, today we learn how to cook cannabis cake in a few simple steps.

Cooking Cannabis Cake in 4 Simple Steps thc

What is Marijuana Cake and where can you buy it?

The cannabis cake is very simple to prepare at home, but it is also very easy to find in Holland, in Amsterdam where there are also many other marijuana-based foods, such as biscuits, jellies, etc.

Marijuana cake is a cannabis-based dessert with a high THC content or a CBD-based one, depending on the consumer’s preference.

The classic recipe is obviously the one based on cannabis buds with very high percentages of the active ingredient, now let’s see how to cook it in just a few steps.

Edibles what are they?

Edibles are having a huge success worldwide precisely because they are a modern and clearly affordable method for consuming cannabis by ingestion. Edibles are all edible marijuana-based foods that guarantee very powerful and longer-lasting effects than a classic joint.

Duration Joint effect

The effect of a joint is much shorter and less potent than food containing cannabis. This is one of the main advantages why many consumers prefer to consume cannabis through food, such as sweets, cakes, etc. Many beginners ask us how long the joint effect lasts, just to compare it to a space cake in order to choose the best way to take marijuana.

Effects of Cannabis Cake

The effects of food containing marijuana naturally are extremely different from cannabis smoked in a joint, first of all we will not subject our lungs to harmful combustion (therefore we preserve our health to the fullest), there will also be much more lasting, more intense and much more relaxing effects .

The high will begin approximately 30-60 minutes after ingesting the cake, and as we will be encountering a much more potent high we recommend first-time users stick with small slices of marijuana cake initially.

Space Cake: A mouthwatering way to consume cannabis

The space cake, also commonly called cannabis cake, is well known all over the world thanks to its different way of consuming marijuana without losing any active ingredient, in fact, on the contrary, the space cake significantly increases the effects of cannabis compared to a joint, in addition other fundamental advantages are: preserving health (one is not subjected to combustion like a joint) and endless gluttony (the space cake is in fact a tasty chocolate cake containing marijuana).

Cannabis cake recipe: Ingredients for 4 people

  • 5 gr of marijuana buds
  • 200 g of flour
  • 240 g of butter
  • 210 g of sugar
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 190 ml of semi-skimmed milk
  • Half a packet of baking powder
  • Topping (chocolate drops, chocolate flakes, etc)
Cannabis buds decarboxylation process

1st Step: Decarboxylation of Marijuana

As in any other process for cooking cannabis, the decarboxylation process is the first step to take, as well as the most important as without this fundamental process the marijuana inflorescences will be useless and wasted given that the THCA present without a significant source of heat constant it will not be able to transform into THC (the same applies to CBDA in CBD) and therefore will not have its desired effects.

For this process, all you need to do is place the marijuana buds on an oven tray and place them in the oven at a temperature of about 110° for an hour. After that, our active ingredient-rich buds will be ready to be used in cannabutter.

Cooking cannabutter to prepare cannabis cake

2nd Step: The Magical Cannabutter

After the decarboxylation process of our special cannabis buds has been carried out, we obviously need a mystical butter, also called cannabutter, to prepare the marijuana cake.

To prepare cannabis butter we can use professional equipment such as the Magical Butter MB2E, a machine for the professional preparation of cannabutter that we recommend to all consumers.

However, if you want to carry out the whole step with your hands it will be necessary to chop the marijuana inflorescences with a grinder and cut the butter into cubes, then we will put both ingredients in a saucepan on the stove which will cook for about 20 minutes.

However, it must not be left to boil! The active ingredients could be lost, so be very careful. After this, our cannabutter will finally be ready and must be left to cool.

Homemade marijuana cake recipe: recipe

3rd Step: Preparation of the Cannabis Cake

After creating the magical cannabutter we combine it together with milk, eggs and sugar, mixing everything until obtaining a mostly homogeneous mixture, at which point we will have to gradually add the flour and the topping of your choice (let’s take the drops as an example of chocolate).

At this point, to avoid leaving lumps that would ruin our marijuana cake, mix well (if you also have a whisk available) otherwise we will carry out the process by hand, in case of a mixture that is too much, but really too consistent, it may be necessary adding milk.

Homemade marijuana cake recipe

4th Step: Let’s cook our Marijuana Cake

After preparing this magical compound we obviously have to proceed with the cooking: on a pan with a layer of baking paper we spread the compound created and level it with a spatula, then put it in the oven (which must be preheated) for about 45 minutes at a temperature of 170°.

After baking our cannabis cake we take it out of the oven and let it heat up well, and then we can opt for some icing sugar or any other topping of your choice.

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