How to build the perfect greenhouse building for growing cannabis

Having a perfect greenhouse for growing marijuana is a key aspect to be able to grow your cannabis seedlings healthily and abundantly. In fact, an excellent greenhouse naturally also creates a stable and controlled environment to ensure that our plants perform more and more at their best. Find out in this article how to best build and set up your own ganja greenhouse.

General tips to keep in mind before setting up a greenhouse

How to build a DIY cannabis greenhouse

Before cannabis greenhouse building and setting up a cannabis greenhouse, there are various general aspects to take into account to avoid possible problems in the future when the plants are already of a certain size.

  • Use the ideal sized pots, for medium-sized plants max 15 liters; this will make it much easier to control them.

  • Consider the space at your disposal, it is essential to know the space available to cultivate with the aim of knowing how to plan it and divide it to provide ample space for each plant.

  • Knowing the cannabis varieties that are grown, this in fact differ from each other in many aspects, including height and width.

  • Practice cultivation techniques to be able to control them, such as LST (low stress training).

Build and Set Up Your Own Marijuana Greenhouse

Cannabis greenhouse building and setting u is not easy, and it can lead to a number of complications if done the wrong way. The main things are the budget you have available and the free space in which you can work safely.

There are various types of existing greenhouses, including a great many economic, spacious and of any design. The choice will depend precisely on the budget available, the space and the quantity of seedlings that you want to grow. The cheapest greenhouses start at € 30 up to around € 150, which are readily available on Amazon, are respectable greenhouses for growers who don’t need a lot of space. Then there are greenhouses + € 200, which have better build quality and are quite respectable in size. Finally, there are greenhouses that can be easily purchased on Amazon for + 1000 €, which are obviously the best around, they are professional greenhouses, very spacious and are made with sturdy frames and rust-resistant panels.

The key thing if you grow cannabis is safety, it is in fact necessary to keep your seedlings hidden, and to do this you need a suitable greenhouse, and maybe spend some extra money.

How to build and set up a greenhouse with outdoor marijuana plants

Greenhouse Irrigation and Ventilation

First of all, in each greenhouse it is necessary to use a thermometer and a hygrometer in order to know the relative humidity and temperature at any time. In fact, a big problem for greenhouse growers is too much humidity, which could cause the imminent arrival of fungi, parasites and various bacteria. Another important aspect is the purchase of suction and oscillation fans to ensure the plants constantly fresh and breathable air

How do I choose the right fans for my greenhouse?

The key feature to choosing the perfect fan for your greenhouse is that both the intake and output fans must have a CFM rating greater than or equal to the volume of the greenhouse. When installing a fan, you need to make sure to place it above and below the canopy to prevent old, scarce air from getting trapped in the greenhouse and causing the consequent temperature rise. It is necessary to create a constant light artificial wind throughout the day.

How to set up the greenhouse do it yourself cannabis box suction fans

How to regulate watering

It is necessary to ensure a regular and not too frequent irrigation plan, as watering very frequently in the greenhouse causes the consequent increase in humidity, parasites and bacteria.

Buying an automated system is a great way to save some guesswork about watering greenhouse plants. Excellent are the drip irrigation systems which continuously provide the right amount of water for your plants.

Greenhouse Growing Lamps

In cannabis greenhouse building, sunlight is generally used, which is not even comparable to the best lamp on the market. However, some particular situations arise that could interest some growers; in fact, there are always some people who grow cannabis in greenhouses in areas with more temperamental conditions. These people find it much more convenient to buy a good grow light, of course.

There are many types of grow lamps on the market. The lamps that are expanding more and more on the market lately are the LED lamps. These in fact consume very little electricity producing approximately 0.5gr per watt.

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