Cannabis Seeds Not Sprouting: The Causes

Cannabis Seeds Not Sprouting: The Causes

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There is nothing more frustrating than buying cannabis seeds that don’t eventually germinate. Marijuana seeds, like any existing seed, will by nature be destined to germinate and then see its own plant born and grow; Despite this, there are several causes that could sabotage this process. Read this article to determine these reasons and avoid them in order to best germinate your cannabis seeds.


  • Poor seed quality
  • Parasites and insects
  • Irrigation problems
  • Too cold or hot weather
  • Molds and Diseases
Plantula di cannabis germogliata indoor


First of all, it is recommended that you buy your cannabis seeds from a reliable and top quality seed bank, such as Grace Genetics. In fact, if the seeds are of poor quality it will be impossible to conclude your cultivation with a good quantity of plants, and consequently we will obtain a completely unsatisfactory quantity and quality of the harvest. Also, with low quality seeds there will consequently be a low germination rate of cannabis, so it is likely that they will not germinate very easily.


Parassiti che possono attaccare la cannabis

The most dangerous pests for outdoor cultivation are birds. In fact, they tend to find any way to eat your freshly grown cannabis seeds, thus destroying an entire marijuana growing area. Insects and caterpillars are also very dangerous for outdoor grows as they will try to eat your seeds as well.


The ideal solution to prevent these insects and parasites from devouring your newly planted seeds is to germinate them indoors, and then move them to the final outdoor growing medium once the first green leaves begin to grow in the seedlings.


Cannabis seeds can be germinated in a glass of water before burying them in the growing medium, this method is widely used with the aim of softening the seed shell to allow the seedling to come out much more easily and quickly. If germinated directly in the ground instead, with too little water we will have the problem that the shell will be too rigid, and the seedling will not be able to offer all its potential to break the seed shell and start growing, consequently these cannabis seeds not sprouting. Instead, with an excess of water we will already have the problem of mold formation, which will be very dangerous and can kill our seeds even before germinating, or let our small plants die once they have sprouted.

Semi di cannabis che germogliano


Never let the soil dry out completely, or it will become too dry and arid. The soil should be watered after 2-3 days on average, then it will also depend on the environmental conditions of our cultivation. One thing is certain, even excess water in the soil will give us serious problems, so water only when the soil starts to look dry. If it is still damp, wait a few more days.


Warm temperatures are required for the germination of cannabis seeds, otherwise it will die even before it begins its life cycle. Despite this, even too hot summer temperatures could be harmful to our seeds, so it is recommended to plant cannabis seeds in the period of the year that goes from April 1st to May 30th, depending on the area in which you live. Despite this, some seeds may decide to germinate even with temperatures that are too cold or too hot, but the germination rate will be very low and the seedlings will not grow healthy and die soon or, in the rare case that a final harvest is reached, it will be totally unsatisfactory.

Cannabis a temperature troppo basse


Seeds can suffer from disease and mold, just like the plant as it begins to grow and finally enters the vegetative phase. If they are attacked by mold or disease, cannabis seeds not sprouting. Fungi can also be a problem because they cover the seeds and prevent them from sprouting. Diseases can kill seeds before they have a chance to grow and mold can cause seeds to die during the germination process of cannabis. As soon as diseases, molds and fungi appear, you won’t be able to do much to save the seeds.

Muffa che può attaccare la marijuana


An excellent prevention phase is the optimal way to avoid the appearance of molds, diseases and fungi. One way to prevent seed diseases is to put them in diluted hydrogen peroxide a few hours before sowing, this compound will purify them and ensure their germination if none of the aforementioned problems persist. A further way to guarantee the germination of a seed will be to eliminate the possibility of generating mold by keeping the cultivation area ventilated (indoor fans) and (choose a good ventilated place) outdoors; moreover, to avoid mold, it will be essential not to over-irrigate to avoid increasing humidity too much.

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