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“The new way to enjoy Marijuana: Electronic Cigarettes THC"

electronic cigarette thc

Currently, more and more people are opting for the e-cigarette al thc as a means to consume cannabis in a more discreet and comfortable way. This device has gained popularity among marijuana users because it allows you to inhale the THC, the main psychoactive component of the plant, in a safer and more controlled way than traditional consumption. Furthermore, […]

Royal Queen Seed and Sweet Seed: the truth behind their fame in the cannabis world

Royal Queen Seed and Sweet Seed: the truth behind their fame in the cannabis world News and Information

In the world of cannabis, there are different strains that offer different flavours, aromas and effects. In this article we will focus on two of them: Royal Queen Seed and Sweet Seed. Both are popular with growers and consumers alike, offering a wide range of options to experiment with. Next, we will talk about what they are, where they are grown, how […]

Purple Weed: Complete Guide to Purple Marijuana Strains

purple weed

Cannabis Purple, also known as "purple weed", is a variety of marijuana highly valued for its unique coloring and therapeutic properties. In this article, we will explore the origins of purple cannabis strains, the best purple weed strains, how to grow them both indoors and outdoors, their properties and benefits, and how […]

Moonrock: The Enhanced Cannabis That Is Revolutionizing The World Of Marijuana

Moonrock: Enhanced Cannabis Revolutionizing the World of Marijuana News and Information

Moonrock cannabis is gaining more and more popularity among marijuana enthusiasts due to its high potency and unique quality. This product, often called “moonrock weed”, is a combination of marijuana buds, hash oil and kief, which together create a final product with a content of THC exceptionally high. In this article, […]

Cannabis seeds not germinating? 5 Causes

Sprouting cannabis seeds outdoors

There is nothing more frustrating than buying cannabis seeds that don't germinate in the end. Marijuana seeds, like any existing seed, by nature will be destined for germination to then see their own plant born and grow; If your cannabis seeds don't germinate, there may be several causes. Read this article for […]

CBD Liquid Electronic Cigarette: Create them at Home

How to make e-cigarette cbd liquid with cbd crystal

CBD liquids have been enjoying considerable international fame in recent years, especially with regard to electronic cigarettes. Furthermore, creating your own liquid CBD electronic cigarette has great advantages, especially economic ones, while smoking CBD through the electronic cigarette instead of the classic joint protects the consumer's health. Read our […]

Advanced Nutrients: Top 3 fertilizers for cannabis plants

Advanced nutrients fertilizers for cannabis plants

Advanced Nutrients fertilizers are widely used by growers all over the world for the fertilization of cannabis thanks to their considerable reputation in the field of growing marijuana plants, all this is of course thanks to their great quality. Keep reading this informative article to find out all the secrets about these special fertilizers. […]

Bio bizz, Fertilizers for Cannabis Growth and Flowering

Biobizz organic fertilizers for growing cannabis plants

Bio bizz fertilizers are extremely famous in the international market, this fame is due to the remarkable quality of the products. In particular, there are Bio Grow and Bio Bloom, i.e. fertilizer for the vegetative growth phase and for the flowering period used by most growers in the world. How to use biobizz products? […]