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Cannabis Decarboxylation: Discover Your 'Baker Side

Decarboxylation of Cannabis: Discover Your Side 'Baker Eating Marijuana

We are talking about decarboxylation, an essential process when preparing cannabis edibles, but which could sound like a chemistry lab term. We assure you, it's not as complicated as it sounds! What is Decarboxylation? In simple terms, decarboxylation is the process that activates the compounds in cannabis, especially the THC and the […]

Hemp Oil, all the Health Benefits

Hemp seed oil benefits human health

Today it is known that hemp oil brings many benefits to human health. In fact, it contains properties that few foods in the world can boast. Read this article to discover all the secrets about hemp seed oil, reveal its mysteries. Find out why you should use it too! The Seed Oil of […]

Cannabis Cookie Recipe in 6 Steps:

Step by step marijuana cookie recipe

Why make marijuana cookies? Cannabis-based biscuits are a valid option compared to the classic joint, as the tobacco contained in the latter can harm your health due to combustion that damages the lungs over time. For this reason, cooking with cannabis represents a healthy and appetizing alternative to obtain the effects […]

How To Make Cannabutter At Home? 5 simple steps

Cannabutter prepared in the house in an artisanal way

For many years all the benefits of edible cannabis have been discovered, in fact it preserves health as opposed to consuming cannabis in a joint, therefore eating Cannabutter will be the best option to consume marijuana in a healthy and more particular way than usual. What is Cannabutter? Cannabutter is an infused butter […]