Carmagnola Cannabis Sativa Certified

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Carmagnola Cannabis Sativa Certified, cultivated for centuries in Italy and in particular in the homonymous province of Turin.

This variety of Cannabis is of the Dioica type, therefore it develops plants of a single sex, male or female.The carmagnola has a declared thc level of 0.2% but cases are not rare especially in southern cliemi where the level of active principle thc also reached 1.2%. It is therefore advisable to avoid cultivation in hot climates, and whenever possible to choose cultivation in the hills above 600mt above sea level.

We recommend the Carmagnola variety only for open field cultivation, it can in fact reach considerable dimensions. With the right care it can reach a height of up to 6 meters and offer a very abundant yield in terms of inflorescence.


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With a complete cycle in a favorable environment we will be able to obtain up to 700grams of inflorescences per plant, with 5/6 plants we can easily reach the quintal of biomass.

This cannabis strain together with the Eletta Campana they were the most profitable crop and practiced in Italy until the beginning of the 1900s. Year in which all cannabis was demonized by the emerging oil industry. Hemp was very important for the maritime industry, in fact all the ropes were produced in hemp and exported all over the world. Although in Italy today we remain as little reality of that ancient era that has given prestige to Italian craftsmanship all over the world, one of these isAntica Corderia Corai which continues its activity since 1859.

Documentary on the traditional cultivation and processing of Carmagnola Hemp …

“Why rape nature by cutting hemp? There is oil, with oil we could protect nature!”
John Davison Rockefeller, oilman.

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