Industrial Sativa Hemp Use 31

Hemp Sativa L Certified for Industrial Agriculture Variety “Use 31”

Monoecious variety developed in 1987 by the “Institute of Bast Crops of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine”, Uso 31 hemp is a genetics developed by Professor Virovets after years of selection and crossing between different genetics.

Certified use 31 sativa hemp seeds

The cultivation of this variety of hemp is widespread in many European countries due to its particularly versatile thanks to its well-tested characteristics of adaptability.

It is at ease growing in temperate areas of the Mediterranean and also of Central Eastern Europe. It is a vegetable useful in the production of seeds (very rich in CBD oil) and for biomass destined both for the textile industry and for the food industry (animal feed).

The Use 31 seed belongs to the European certified sativa hemp varieties, and is registered in the catalog as a cannabis species with a very low THC content (<0.6%).

This “monoica” variety with the presence on the same specimen of both sexes makes it decidedly unsuitable for the production of inflorescences.

“The Seed use 31 contains 35% of oil by its weight”

The plant grows earlier than most of the better known varieties. In the case of Use 31, this guarantees abundant and excellent quality harvests. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and the inflorescences are amber in color. It is also possible to grow Uso 31 seeds even in domestic environments. In fact, most of the cultivation of legal weed takes place in living spaces set up for humans.

Certified industrial hemp variety use 31

Numerous farms, especially in France, Germany and Italy, use Use 31 seeds to produce the highest quality hemp seed oil. In recent years it is not easy to find productions that have chosen to cultivate this variety. Researchers and agronomists have oriented their productions towards cultivations of hemp varieties whose seed availability is greater (Felina 32, FINOLA, Carmagnola Selected, Eletta Campana and Kompolti).

Monoica variety

The Use 31 hemp variety is a monoecious cannabis sativa genetics. This is to say that plants will be born which, growing and blooming, will develop both female and male flowers on the same stump (hermaphrodite). Unlike dioecious genetics, which can only develop female or male plants.

List of characteristics of the hemp variety Use 31

Species: Cannabis sativa L.
Genotype: Monoica
Production: Indoor and Outdoor
Adaptability to climate: Mediterranean or Northern European climate. Excellent seed production, suitable for fiber, oils, fabrics and “light” inflorescences.
Vegetative cycle: about 140 days
Plant height: 2-2.5 meters
Flowering: July/August
Inflorescence production: max 0.1-0.3 kg/m2
THC: <0,6%
CBD: up to 5%

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