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Can cannabis smokers really call themselves drug addicts?

Let’s take 3 example cases for an objective analysis of drug addiction.

Carlo 26, currently unemployed, uses cannabis with a frequency ranging between 5 and 13 joints per day.

Luigi is 31 years old and works in a consulting firm, he usually smokes one or two joint ventures a day.

Giovanni 33 ayears,   consumes cannabis very sporadically to take advantage of the increase in creativity that leads to his work of an intellectual nature. Nobody of the three claims to have problems with consumption, although knowing personally the subjects, this statement cannot be considered 100% safe.

Let’s see why…

Three different people, three different uses, the same substance. Ask the reader if it is possible that one of them has a serious problem with cannabis. With this answer, apply circular reasoning: what was there before, chicken or egg? With this answer, apply circular reasoning: what was there before, chicken or egg?

In this article, we will examine the three situations and the different ways in which cannabis works. We will conceptualize cannabis as a tool and therefore, we will not talk about what is bad in itself, but we will focus it from the point of view of the user and the use he wants or can do. We will eliminate fictitious demons to analyze personal demons that can sometimes be guilty of misuse of any tool.

Water can be an addiction

Water is an essential element for life on earth, since cells need it as one of its main components.Well, I will apply a special rule by which I will show that water is very bad, pure poison and that the user is an addict without remedy. As the reader imagined, I am applying the rules of prohibition, only this time instead of referring to drugs, I am doing it to an element that all “water” has in common.

My reasoning is simple: if you drink fifty liters of water in a row, without stopping to process them, you will die of a situation ofhyposodyemia. The difference is that, during the autopsy, no one will point out the water as evil, despite causing death. Everyone will accept that in that particular case it was the person’s inappropriate behavior that made the mistake that caused death. The cause of the behavior is sought to cure it and thus eliminate risky behavior, but no one would speak of prohibiting water.

The cause of the behavior is sought to cure it and thus eliminate risky behavior, but no one would speak of prohibiting water. If something happens to the subject and it turns out that a substance has been ingested, an attempt will be made to blame  for what happened, without even waiting for reliable autopsy results or if they are, the same will not be given. Advertising campaign for the fact of death.

It will be automatically understood that this substance is problematic because it has generated addiction alcohol cannabis cure remedyproblem The public debate will not even be considered whether the problem is actually caused by the person or the substance. Here, it seems that the responsibility of the subject is seized from the substance and, therefore, we must eliminate all the bad psychotropics from circulation to prevent defenseless citizens from falling into their networks. But you, sir, know that this is not true.




If we have to share some concepts, let’s do it with the concepts of using, abusing and depending.

Let’s define some words


  1. do something for something
  2. a person’s saying: enjoy something.
  3. He performs or practices something habitually or out of habit.

We see that this usage concept includes several interesting behaviors for what we are saying. On the one hand, we have the use of a thing with a purpose, which allows many people who use cannabis for something to be within this meaning.

It can be said that many people also love cannabis at specific times, as well as the sensations it produces. Iin this consumption we would also do something perfectly voluntary.

As for customs or habits, we must influence the contexts in which consumption occurs, because if you smoke through habit, you may have lost the initial goal or primary intention and what we have a more automatic consumption than volunteer.


  1. Bad, improper or undue use.
  2. Excessive, unfair use.

From these two meanings we can derive a part of the problem we are dealing with. When considering the problem of drugs in general and cannabis in particular, we must refer to the behavior of the subject, because it is this and not another cause, which originates the problem or not. Tools can be used well or can be used terribly badly. A hammer that in principle serves to make a piece of furniture when nailing the pins that join the boards, can be used to hit a person to break a bone. I don’t think anyone who reads these lines will blame the hammer and how serious the problem is, right? However, this is what is done with psychotropic substances.


 2. Being produced, caused or conditioned by someone or something […] 6. Hanging or clinging to something.

In these meanings, depending already reflects a problem in that the person introduces an intermediary between his perception / self-esteem and external reality. This catalyst can serve many functions, all with a purpose and a reason, without which consumption would not be necessary.

In this situation, addiction mainly affects the impulse to obtain a different mental state from which to face the different realities that we have to live. All addiction is considered, in principle, bad for the individual. Beyond the definitions, addiction generates discomfort when it cannot be addressed and therefore the individual will try with greater or less energy to put an end to this state of excessive activation. In this sense and following the bizarre reasoning of the beginning of the article, we will say that we are absolutely dependent on water and that the human race has a serious problem with it, since we need it to calm the discomfort that arises while we are deprived of it. they

Do you think what I’m saying is silly? Well, it’s simple, stop drinking water and tell me in three days. We are all addicted.

Now, from this strange reasoning we can extract something good. It is not the substance that serves as the basis for addiction, but the individual and the management he makes of his mental states. This is where we need to start raising analysis and change.

Carlo Compulsive Consumer.

The case of Carlo, which we mentioned at the beginning, seems to be a clear case of dependence on a substance. But what we cannot do is say that the substance itself is compelling, since in this case it is not so. Carlo has been consuming for 11 years to relieve the anxiety he feels chronically and is unable to resolve by other means.

If Carlo went to the doctor, I would have to take benzodiazepines chronically, which would be nothing more than a “camel” change if I can express it, because we would be dependent on another substance without further delay, without fixing anything. The difference is that in this second case, the dependence would be on a substance prescribed by a doctor and, therefore, a substance that will allow the profit of a few companies. But we haven’t really fixed anything.

To help Carlo we have to see on what basis consumption occurs and try to change that basis. If you smoke to deal with the discomfort in social relationships, you must train the person in social skills and let the discomfort gradually reduce through constant practice. Hence, the joint will become useless and the person will not cause so much rejection.

addiction cannabis cocaine how to deal with the problem The Switch from Cannabis to Cocaine

If the problem is asleep, it is clear that cannabis can be hypnotic. Again, psychology has clear tools for effective intervention. If we do that or those useless joints at night, the rest will be gradually more natural because, even if cannabis is a natural substance, the most natural thing is that our brain produces everything it needs to relax and not that we have to introduce it from outside. Mind you, let’s not talk from the point of view of prohibition as it may seem now, give us attention and in a few lines you will understand our entire reasoning process.

Therefore, we need to know and analyze the meaning of cannabis and ask the person to reach the same destination in another way. if possible developing new personal skills and resources that can always be used by the subject. Indeed, there are many rumors authorized to point out that reasonable and adequate use is possible.

We are convinced that these 5-8 daily joint ventures are not all well-chosen and not all appreciated, because some of them are consumed to appease the discomfort or mediate in a conflict situation. In those moments, the responsibility for doing something is transferred to the municipality, while the person becomes increasingly incapable and limited because he does not train day by day. This helpless is what we have to fight and not the joint, because if it were not the joint, it would be alcohol, if it were not the game, the Internet, etc … the addiction is reflecting the problem of the individual who takes the reins of his discomfort. This is what needs help.

Luis habitual consumer.

Let’s take a look at Luigi, 31, who consumes one or two  a day in the evening and has a job with moderate intellectual demands. In the case of Luigi., There are no problems, because those joints are taken when he has already fulfilled all the responsibilities he has during the day.

He can  sit quietly without smoking for a while. Although he says that his spare time is mediated by cannabis and that although he cannot smoke, he likes to do it because it is partly customary. In his work he doesn’t have too many intellectual requests, so if one day he is a little dizzy because he smoked more the night before, he devotes himself to other less complicated activities and therefore adapts.

Although there is no addiction or abuse, the fact is that Luis  would prefer to smoke less, but the problem is that he has few leisure alternatives, since he likes to stay at home in the afternoon to read or watch TV and says that there may be changing it.

Luigi has cataloged his consumption model as abuse and therefore abuse, since he knows that those two joints derive from habit and lack of alternatives and that he wants to eliminate them. When proposing this change, it must always be the person who chooses it and evaluates the short and long-term pros and cons, quitting smoking or continuing to smoke as before. The important thing is that the person understands consumption as something he can choose and change at will, only that effort is needed.

Luigi chose to go through some discomfort to get rid of the habit and continued to smoke during the week to take advantage of the afternoons away from home. By reserving cannabis use for the weekend, where he will try to enjoy that choice.

Giovanni occasional consumer.

With Giovanni we have a completely different situation, since Giovanni smokes about four times a year and always at specific moments chosen with care. Giovanni does not point out any problem with this consumption model and what he underlines is the impressive utility he observes that cannabis entails.

Always choose times when you can be calm and without having to perform anything demanding, without having to commit in one or two days for complex tasks. And always remember that this is a means to an end, which is a tool to see things from another perspective and therefore, take a sheet with the topics you would like to reflect on.

If we apply creative techniques in these sessions, we can obtain results that are at least curious, both in one aspect of personal growth and under a therapeutic aspect. The important thing is that in this specific case, people who come to conclusions in this way, know that cannabis was simply a tool that allowed us to do a job, since the well-used hammer and saw are used to create a nice line of furniture.

Therefore, it is the individual who must choose the type of use or consumption he can have. First of all the range of substances that our world provides us. We support everyone’s responsibility to properly use all the tools, as well as to suggest to anyone who may have problems changing something that goes looking for support or professional help.

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