Critical hemp strain Kush with high thc content and low CBD concentrations

Cannabis Critical Kush


There is no clear evidence of the origin of the first Critical Kush variety. The first times that this name began to circulate outside the Dutch coffee shops was at the beginning of the 90s, therefore it is assumed that the Critical was born from the crossroads of amateur breeders in the Netherlands who were in charge of supplying the very many clubs in the city.

Certainly, having had the good fortune of personally knowing the original genetics, one can well understand where the selection wanted to go.
The cannabis Critical Kush pure indica offered in the 90s a crazy harvest for the canons of that time. Although the technologies for indoor cultivation were scarce (not to mention non-existent) Critical Kush was the result of a ruthless selection among the most resistant and productive specimens.

Critical kush plant flowering full buds

A lot of time has gone by since those years and only original memories remain of the original Critical Kush. But certainly the selection has not stopped in recent years. In fact, from the Critical genes Many other specimens have been selected such as the Og Kush, the Big Bud as well as the Critical mass and many others. To date, the selection continues in the United States, the Netherlands, Spain and even Morocco

The characteristics of Critical Kush

The power of this genetics is not a joke at all, usually the thc level is around 16-18%. With an abundant amber colored resin typical of Kush genetics. It is now difficult to find a terpenic profile of this genetics. The selection has been going on for a long time and therefore we can find incredibly varied terpene profiles even among varieties proposed with the same name but sold by different seed banks.

Outdoor kush genetic cannabis plant

Aromas and tastes of this Genetics.

Critical Kush trichomes spend the entire flowering phase pumping various terpenes, which contributes to flavors and smells of fruit and earth. In addition, several terpenes add a spectacular pine aroma to the mix. So, this genetics gives off a fresh forest flavor that suggests the great qualities it has to offer.

How to improve the harvests of the

Critical Kush variety

Whatever the origin of a cannabis seed with a critical name, we can always expect compact and large “buds”. Using some pruning techniques such as topping or fimming (make article) we can significantly increase the yield of our marijuana, the SCROG technique guarantees us a homogeneous harvest and very high quality inflorescences.

Compact aromatic resinous critical kush marijuana buds

The new Critical Monster CBD

It was certainly not difficult to derive a CBD trunk from Critical genetics, this variety of marijuana has always been suitable for crosses and selections. This time by combining CBD-rich varieties of industrial hemp and having done a careful work of selection and analysis, the new cannabis Critical Monster CBD is present in our catalog.

Critical Plus 2.0

Critical Kush had dominated the 90’s grow rooms and this is clear to everyone. Certainly in the decade of cannabis the Critical Kush could not be missing of course we are not talking about the vintage Critical but a new enhanced and improved version both from many points of view.

Coming soon in our catalog.

๐ŸŒฟThe Grace Genetics  Team ๐ŸŒฟ

๐ŸŒฟThe Grace Genetics Team ๐ŸŒฟ

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