Buddha Seeds – Seeds Bank

Buddha Seeds – Seeds Bank

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  • What is Buddha Seeds?
  • Buddha Magnum Auto
  • White Dwarf Buddha
  • Buddha Kraken
Cime di marijuana thc


Buddha Seeds is a Spanish seeds bank well known for the Magnum variety. He works on the stability and improvement of cannabis genetics and, in particular, focuses his efforts on producing the best autoflowers. Each of our varieties is worked with great commitment and dedication to offer a diversified and innovative result able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding grower.

Buddha magnum auto di buddha seeds pianta di cannabis autofiorente

Buddha Magnum Auto

The Magnum variety is perhaps the best known of this seeds bank for its super large yield. Magnum is a three-way hybrid, resulting from the cross between the most powerful and productive varieties, with rapid, vigorous growth and multiple branches, exploding in a riot of buds in the flowering phase. Due to its large size we recommend not growing it indoors in large pots, better, especially if we are in small spaces, use small containers or make late transplants, this can help to control its development in height outdoor splendor. Sown directly on the ground or in a large pot, it grows vigorously, becoming a true “monster”, so much so that the grower will wonder if it really is an autoflower. With a fresh aroma and spicy flavor, it has an explosive power, very cerebral, it elevates its intensity, causing uncontrollable laughter.

Buddha White Dwarf

Ceppo di marijuana indica Buddha white dwarf

After more than 10 years of working with White Dwarf, coming from the crossing of two powerful indicas, White Dwarf is reborn as an improved version, making itself noticeable even more for its height, power and stability. Behind it are 35 generations of this strain that once populated the balconies and terraces of cannabis growers when autoflowering strains were in their infancy. Staying true to the needs of the most impatient growers who demand quick harvests without disappointing in potency, a true indica that will totally relax you. The new version is characterized by greater height and a solid structure that allows it to maintain the weight of dense and resinous buds. It is also particularly resistant to pests making it a winning bet for novice growers.

Buddha Kraken di buddha seeds semi di ganja

Kraken Buddha

Indico hybrid that was developed with potency and production in mind, with branched structure. Her dense, compact and giant buds make Kraken an extremely productive strain with a fresh, almost minty flavor. It is suitable for growers looking for maximum potency, or for those who want to get the maximum benefit from their cultivation through large yields. The strong, powerful and intense effect, of considerable duration, should be emphasized. Kraken is undoubtedly a strain to consider. Monstrous in all its aspects.

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