Bio bizz, Fertilizers for Cannabis Growth and Flowering

Bio bizz fertilizers are extremely famous in the international market, this fame is due to the remarkable quality of the products. In particular, there are Bio Grow and Bio Bloom, i.e. fertilizer for the vegetative growth phase and for the flowering period used by most growers in the world.

Bio bizz organic fertilizers for cannabis plants

How to use biobizz products?

Using bio bizz products is very simple, as far as dosage is concerned we have to take inspiration from the biobizz table, which provides the right doses of fertilizer to administer to cannabis plants.

It is generally recommended to create a nutrient solution between the fertilizer and water, in general about 2-4 ml of biobizz are used for every liter of water, then mix the nutrient solution created perfectly and use it to water the marijuana plants every so whenever it is necessary to water them.

What are the Best Biobizz Fertilizers?

The best bio bizz fertilizers for growing cannabis are two in particular, in fact we find the Bio Grow fertilizer and the Bio Bloom.

Bio Grow:

The bio bizz Bio Grow fertilizer is an organic fertilizer mainly suitable for cannabis plants during the vegetative growth period as it is rich in nitrogen. You can use this liquid fertilizer with most potting mixes. It is based on 100% organic beetroot extract. This by-product of the transformation of cane into sugar is the result of a natural fermentation process.

The starch in the sugar is then treated with a glucose-producing enzyme, which, along with other plant nutrients, helps provide a rich source of nutrients for soil microbes. As a result, the microbial population grows and the soil becomes more prosperous. The sugars and natural potassium in Bio Grow activate the flora of the substrate, ensuring an abundant harvest of succulent and tasty fruit.

Bio bizz bio bloom organic fertilizer for the flowering stage of cannabis

Bio Bloom: how to use biobizz bio bloom

Bio Bloom, this organic liquid fertilizer complete with 100% phosphorus and potassium to obtain plants full of resinous and compact marijuana inflorescences. It contains the ideal blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as enzymes and amino acids to work the soil optimally.

The blend is enriched with trace elements and hormones of plant origin to promote the growth of long-stemmed, strong and lush flowering plants. Potassium and phosphorus favor the formation and healthy growth of bulbs, calyxes and petals. Potassium harmonizes in particular with the natural circadian rhythm of the plant, promoting the flowering process.

Biobizz table

The biobizz chart is essential for any grower who chooses to use bio bizz organic fertilisers, in fact this biobizz chart offers the correct dosage and use of these top quality liquid fertilisers.

Fertilizing cannabis plants is often very difficult, in fact no grower can know precisely the right doses to administer to the seedlings according to their life stage.

We recommend viewing and using the biobizz table that we insert via the image below.

Biobizz table for fertilizers for marijuana plants


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