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The Best Malta Coffee Shops of 2023

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Are there Coffee Shops in Malta?

Yes, in Malta there are some coffee shops where you can buy marijuana. The emergence of coffee shops Malta stems from the legalization of cannabis in Malta for recreational and medical use in December 2021.

In fact, after the legalization of marijuana, many coffee shops continue to spring up in Malta with the aim of creating new jobs, offering only the best qualities of cannabis and taking away billions of euros every year from criminal associations which before the legalization of marijuana a Malta controlled the illegal market with very poor quality and dangerous weed.

Can Tourists Buy Cannabis in Malta?

Contrary to what happens in the Netherlands, as in the coffee shops in Amsterdam, tourists in Malta will not be able to access or buy cannabis in coffee shops. In fact, a coffee shop model very similar to the ones has been envisaged in Malta Spanish cannabis associations where only residents can join the social club, receive the card and buy marijuana.

Despite this, there is always a way for tourists to buy cannabis in Malta without having to go to the local crime scene. In fact, as is also the case in social clubs in Spain, many coffee shops in Malta make an exception in this regard for tourists, allowing them to buy cannabis on their premises. Even if this "strategy" is illegal, many coffee shop entrepreneurs Malta decide to carry out this practice in the summer months to earn more money through tourism.

Coffee Shop Malta, Which are the Best?

The birth of Malta coffee shops is recent. Despite the legalization of cannabis in 2021, there was still no regulation for cannabis social clubs until January 2023. So, for now, Malta coffee shops are still few, but they work very well to provide only the best quality of marijuana to their customers. Here is a list of the best coffee shops in Malta:

  • Bloom 420: It turns out to be a very particular kind of cannabis social club, it is possible to buy marijuana legally and smoke it with friends on a boat by the sea. A pleasant idea for sea, beach and cannabis lovers!
  • The Purple House: Another Malta coffee shop that works brilliantly by offering different high quality cannabis genetics to their customers. The overall price is lower compared to Bloom 420 as it doesn't offer a similar experience, but it is definitely a must stop if you are visiting Malta.
  • Amsterdam Cannabis Store: It is more specifically a Cbd Shop and Head Shop located in Malta. It sells high quality legal cannabis strains as well as smoking accessories. Cannabis shop ideal for lovers of cbd products.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Coffee Shop in Malta? Open Social Club Malta:

The cost of opening a coffee shop in Malta can vary based on several factors, such as location, size, furnishings, equipment, personnel and operating expenses. Here are some of the elements that could affect the cost of opening a coffee shop in Malta:

  1. Lease or purchase of the premises: The cost of renting or buying the venue can vary greatly depending on the location and size of the coffee shop. More touristic or central areas may require a higher investment.
  2. Renovation and furnishing: It may be necessary to carry out renovations and adaptations of the premises to make it suitable for a coffee shop.
  3. Staff: Personnel costs include wages for staff members. The size of the coffee shop and the number of employees will affect the operating costs.
  4. Supplies: You will need to purchase a large supply of marijuana, hashish, concentrates and other consumables for running the coffee shop, such as smoking items and vaporize.
  5. Marketing and advertising: Promoting your coffee shop through advertising campaigns, branding, websites or social media can require a dedicated budget.

It is difficult to give an exact figure for the costs of opening a coffee shop in Malta, as it depends on many variables. It is recommended that you develop a detailed business plan and consult local experts or consultants to obtain a more accurate estimate of the specific costs associated with opening a coffee shop in Malta.

Can I Grow a Cannabis Plant in Malta?

Certain! Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in Malta for recreational purposes in December 2021 it is totally legal to grow up to 4 cannabis plants inside your home. This has allowed Maltese citizens to grow marijuana for their own use without going to buy the weed from organized crime.

Cannabis grown for personal use is usually of excellent quality as it is not marketed by criminals who very often wish to increase its weight by adding other toxic substances to marijuana, with the aim of increasing earnings as much as possible. However, the quality of home-grown marijuana also depends on other factors, first of all on the quality of the cannabis seeds. We therefore recommend that you buy cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank that offers high quality marijuana strains, like we do Grace Genetics.

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