Advanced Nutrients: Top 3 fertilizers for cannabis plants

Advanced Nutrients fertilizers are widely used by growers all over the world for the fertilization of cannabis thanks to their considerable reputation in the field of growing marijuana plants, all this is of course thanks to their great quality. Keep reading this informative article to find out all the secrets about these special fertilizers.

Advanced nutrients fertilizers for marijuana plants

What are the best Advanced Nutrients fertilizers?

Advanced Nutrients boasts a wide range of products for the fertilization of cannabis plants, in particular we find several products that we can define as real top leader fertilizers in marijuana cultivation, such as: ANCIENT EARTH ORGANIC, BIG BUD LIQUID and BUD CANDY.

Ancient Earth Organic:

Ancient Earth Organic is a 100% organic fertilizer suitable for the vegetative growth phase of cannabis plants, rich in nitrogen to allow the marijuana seedlings to grow at their best and prepare for the next flowering phase.

Big Bud Liquid:

Big Bud Liquid is a liquid fertilizer suitable for soil and hydroponic cultivation, which can be used during the flowering period with the aim of generating XXL-sized cannabis inflorescences, characterized by a large resin content and unique compactness.

Bud Candy:

One of the best fertilizers on the market, Bud Candy can also be used in combination with Big Bud in both the vegetative growth phase and during the flowering period, to ensure the production of great tasting marijuana buds.

Fertilizing cannabis seedlings with advanced nutrients

How to use advanced nutrients?

For many indoor and outdoor growers, knowing how to use advanced nutrients is very complicated, the reason is simple: great care must be taken when fertilizing marijuana plants, in fact, if an excessive amount of fertilizer is administered, the cannabis seedlings could burn and die .

Therefore, what we recommend to our faithful growers is to view the Advanced Nutrients dosage table, and to follow the indications marked to guarantee adequate nutrients to the plants without exaggerations that could endanger their lives.

How to use advanced nutrients ancient earth feeding schedule

Using the advanced nutrients ancient earth feeding schedule is extremely simple, for many growers it can always be quite difficult but following our guide it will seem much easier and more intuitive for everyone. Let’s start by saying that advanced nutrients ancient earth is a fertilizer suitable for root stimulation, therefore usable both during the vegetative growth phase and during the flowering period.

Ancient earth is a fertilizer of completely organic origin which ensures us an excellent life cycle for cannabis plants. In any case, using the advanced nutrients feeding schedule is very easy, just follow the instructions written on the feeding schedule (i.e. the Advanced Nutrients dosage table) by creating a nutrient solution in a liter of water containing the quantity of fertilizer in ml indicated on the feeding schedule.


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