6 Valid methods to rehydrate our cannabis inflorescences

reidratare cannabis troppo secca metodo

Nothing is worse than rolling a joint with a top of too dry grass. The only result we can expect is hard smoke and a burnt herb aroma. The experience of smokingspan,   old marijuana espan,  dusty is not a thing you dream of, but poor storage of your inflorescence stocks can put you in front of this problem.span, 

In this article, we at ErbadiGrace want to examine six valid methods that can be easily used by any grower and lover of this splendid product.

What is the ideal moisture content for cannabis?

Fortunately these days, labs are testing this sort of thing. Third-party laboratory tests help ensure that cannabis is consistent, regardless of who makes and prepares it. Having said that, there are still big differences, but the test results help manufacturers maintain consistency from one stock and another. The moisture content will also change when the product moves from the grower to the packaging plant and then into the dispensary.

Humidity varies from room to room and can affect the content within the product. Typically, a high quality product should have between  and 15% humidity d  Anything above 15 percent might suggest some problems. Mold or fungal infection is not something you would like to have in your product. Just as dehydrated grass is a problem, so is super wet grass. Look for a small crunch on the flower, but it shouldn’t pulverize when being handled.

How to rehydrate the herb ?

It’s okay and discuss the correct moisture ratio of cannabis, but what if your weed is always dry. Maybe you left the plastic bag open or found a dry piece under your sofa. It’s time to moisten that bad boy and make him much better for your next smoking session.

1. Proper conservation

The most important point for correcting humidity in cannabis is conservation. You may not be able to do much about the process that leads to your purchase, but you can protect it later. And no, it is not necessary to make a huge investment. It’s as simple as finding a sealable glass container. Cannabis deteriorates through a process called oxidation. It also decomposes through exposure to light. If you have left a piece of flower in the open air, exposed to the sun’s rays, you will soon notice that it loses its fist. Tasty terpenes and powerful cannabinoids slowly turn into dust and dirt.cannabis preservation glass jar

Look for dark glass containers with a tight lid. If you don’t have a dark glass container, you can always keep a simple transparent jar inside a dark cabinet. Plastic is technically breathable, so avoid storing it in plastic bags, even if your retailer sold it in one of them.



2. Lemon zest

But what if your grass is already super dry? There are ways to get around this, including good old orange peel (or lemon) makeup. Even a little bit of citrus peel, a few centimeters long, can make your supply spicier and make it much more smokable than before.

Remove a strip from an orange or a lemon, place the peel in the airtight jar and close. You should check every day or so, and once the cannabis has reached a good level of hydration, remove the peel. The only problem with a citrus peel is that it can bring unwanted pathogens into your jar. If you leave it too long, it can start growing on your grass and make it moldy.

3. Distilled water

The next option is a little less risky for the introduction of pathogens into your stash. It still requires careful monitoring, but since distilled water will not introduce anything dangerous into the storage container. Also, you won’t always smoke orange-flavored weed.

Take a small Ziploc bag the size of a snack and insert a folded paper napkin inside. Using only distilled water, moisten the paper towel and seal the bag. it doesn’t have to be wet, just wet. Make a few holes in the bag and put it in the glass jar. Through the dots, moisture will naturally travel to the tops.

Again, this method shouldn’t take too long to rehydrate cannabis. Keep an eye on your stash. While distilled water does not contain contaminants, your herb may. If some microorganisms live dormant in your pot, it will probably not take too long to start growing again.

4. Humidor

Far away, when humidifiers were a most common  storage container ”  Your grandfather, perhaps even your father, had one to keep Cuban cigars at relative humidity. Today, with the advent of cannabis inflorescences, a new wave of specific humidifiers arrives. Although these are slightly more elaborate and a much more expensive option, they have been designed specifically for your stash.

A typical cannabis humidor is made from cedar and has humidity control inside. Some of the high-end options also include a hygrometer, which is a device for measuring the moisture content of the air. If you have the funds and want to treat a perfect smoking experience, a humidor and certainly an option to evaluate.

5. Piece of bread

Another do-it-yourself option is to use a piece of bread. It works in a flash and will take no more than a few hours to transfer its moisture into the flower. It is the same principle that you may have used to keep your brown sugar hardened. At the molecular level, the water molecules move from the fresh slice of the bread and are absorbed by your dried-up buds.

Just like with orange peel, and to a lesser extent the distilled water method, this method is a temporary solution. Bread, just like orange peel, can carry microorganisms. If left unattended, bread can encourage the development of mold and yeast. If you rehydrate your weed with bread (or any other food), we advise you to smoke it quickly.

6. Bags for humidity control BOVEDA

A better long term solution than a piece of bread are moisture packs. These packages, sold at dispensaries and on many online sites, are partially controlled sterile moisture packages. Without introducing harmful microorganisms into your stash, they will transfer some moisture and keep your stash cool. The concept is essentially the opposite of the small silicon packets you find in a new shoe box. Instead of extracting moisture from your weed, it will circulate it.boveda moisture cannabis bags

This is a perfect solution for dry climates. If you find that your stash is always too dry and you want a safe way to keep it moist, these packages are convenient and effective. There is no need to keep an eye on the storage container and packages are replaceable if necessary.

Learning to rehydrate your weed is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your product, even if it’s dry as a bone. Some methods are more effective than others. And some options work for a while, but not in the long run.



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