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Lemon Haze Strain Cannabis

Lemon haze genetic cannabis plant

What Marijuana Strain is Lemon Haze? The award winning sativa strain Super Lemon Haze derives its name from the tangy citrus aroma it oozes with skunky undertones, along with a taste reminiscent of lemon candy. When ready to harvest, its buds are light green and extremely […]

Cannabis is drug addiction. What are we really talking about

Cannabis addiction

Can cannabis smokers really call themselves addicts? Let's take 3 example cases for an objective analysis of drug addiction. Carlo 26 years old, currently unemployed, uses cannabis with a variable frequency between 5 and 13 joints a day. Luigi is 31 years old and works in a consultancy company, he usually smokes one or two joints […]

Hemp seeds how to eat them and why you should

Sativa industrial hemp seeds

You know what's kinda absurd? A few hundred years ago, when early American settlers were first cultivating the rich, fertile landscape of the eastern United States, land farmers may have been required by law to grow and harvest hemp. They grew hemp for the unlimited nutritional components of the seed and for […]

Growing Cannabis Indoors, A Beginner's Guide and Indoor Growing Manual

Growing cannabis in your own grow room

Congratulations, you are ready to grow your cannabis plants indoors for the first time! But before you unleash your green thumb, understand that growing marijuana indoors presents a unique set of challenges for your new hobby, plus the sheer amount of information available on the subject can be truly overwhelming. The […]

Building Complete Grow Box in 7 Steps: practical guide

How to build a DIY grow box and grow room

The "Grow Box" is where it all happens. The germination, vegetation and flowering stages of your beloved marijuana plants will take place here. All the problems you encounter and the solutions you discover will occur here. Whether your harvest is a success or a failure will mostly depend on how you build your […]

How to Make Hashish in an artisanal way and without errors

How to make hashish at home in an artisanal way

All cannabis growers will surely have wondered how to make hashish at home by yourself, in general these are not complicated methods. In this article we will teach you how to make hashish, many methods of which several are extremely rare. Read this informative article to find out how to make ice hash and homemade hash. […]

What is Cannabis Rosin

Production of rosin from cannabis buds

Imagine being able to enjoy your shatter without the downsides of solvent. Now you can, thanks to an emerging solvent-free technique called "Rosin" technology. What is resin? Rosin, or Rosin as you prefer, refers to an extraction process that uses a combination of heat and pressure […]

Sour Diesel Insight into Genetics

Sour Diesel marijuana genetics

Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain Sour Diesel's energetic and positive level makes it easy to see why this strain enjoys popularity across the United States. Spawning popular and flavorful strains like Sour Tsunami and Sour Jack and inspired strains like NYC Diesel, which mimics its unique taste. It's funny in situations […]

Kush, let's discover this type of cannabis

Cannabis variety OG Kush feminized seeds

Cannabis can be classified in many different ways. Generally, this resinous flower is classified as a sativa, hybrid or indica, based on the morphology of the plant. But cannabis can be further classified through popular slang, such as Kush, Haze and Purple. These terms refer to types of cannabis characterized by smells, tastes, effects and/or geographic regions […]

6 Valid methods to rehydrate our cannabis inflorescences

How to rehydrate overdried cannabis buds

Nothing is worse than rolling a joint with too dry weed bud. The only result we can expect is a hard smoke and burnt cannabis aroma. The experience of smoking old, dusty weed is not something you dream of, but poor storage of your bud stash can put you in front of this problem. In […]