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Perhaps we are making a biased speech that only cannabis lovers can understand, but it is now known all over the world that this plant is “miraculous”, in fact thanks to its therapeutic properties it is used in some countries to treat and alleviate many serious diseases and degenerative, as well as helping in battles with milder diseases such as to combat anxiety. Cannabis has been cultivated for many millennia, in fact already about eight thousand years ago it was used a lot in China, where it was typical to produce hemp fabrics and also for use for medical purposes. In the following centuries, the cultivation of hemp for industrial and therapeutic purposes expanded all over the world thanks to its reliability. But that’s not all, cannabis about five thousand years ago was also used in Asia for recreational discoveries, so smoking marijuana to “get high and relax” is a real “tradition” of several millennia past. Around 1800, the first “coffee shop” was born in Paris, the Club des Hashischins (club of hashish eaters), which represents a historic turning point in the use of cannabis in Europe after a papal bull in 1484. forbade its use to all the faithful. Hemp is therefore a historical hemp (the sails of Christopher Columbus’ caravels and Gutenberg’s Bible were made of hemp), but its reputation was ruined by a US news campaign accusing cannabis for the crimes committed in the country. After that there were numerous global doubts which led to marijuana prohibition. After several decades from this, cannabis is finally being re-evaluated all over the world thanks to various scientific studies, and many states continue to legalize it for economic purposes and with the aim of combating narcotics.